X-Rap Peto - complete beast of a lure!

“Sometimes I wonder if there really is a lure out there I would truly say is the best. I mean, how many different predator lures are there out on the market? I bet thousands and thousands, in all different models and shapes, and in even more cool designs and colors.”

However, I’ve become more and more convinced that it is, in fact, possible to find the best lure. It might feel odd putting your chin out and saying such thing like “the best lure”, but stay with me, because there’s actually that one special lure that makes a huge difference in my fishing and that is the X-Rap® Peto.

Of course, I would lie if I said the X-Rap Peto is optimal for every occasion but having this one lure can truly expand the range of your fishing. This versatile hybrid will definitely change the way you fish and amount of fish you catch! Therefore, the X-Rap Peto will always be a one kind of “best” lure for me.

In this article I will walk you through my Peto journey, and tell you more about this piece of plastic that changed my fishing for the better.

Optimal size and movement

You can find the X-Rap Peto in two different sizes. The first model and size of the X-Rap Peto to hit the market was the 20 cm long with the weight of 83 grams. The X-Rap Peto is a so called “hybrid” bait with a hard ABS plastic body, accompanied by a paddle tail made of soft PVC materials. New for 2019 was the little brother of Peto with 14 cm and 39 grams. A perfect “down-size” bait that attracts multi species and I have actually caught both bigger perch and some nice zander with the smaller Peto.

The paddles are connected to a 6-pointed stainless steel tail, which secures the paddle and makes it extremely “locked” into the body. I’ve caught well over 50 pike on a single paddle before it was time to change it, so it’s durable!

The movement you´ll see on the X-Rap Peto is a rolling body with a really wide paddle tail which pushes a decent amount of water. It sinks slowly in a horizontal angle and kicks the paddle on its way down. It can be used all the way from my early spring fishing, to my late autumn fishing.

Fish it shallow, fish it deep!

Both versions of the Peto have their benefits in almost any water you can find. Since it's so versatile you can fish it in several depths. Storm has a special adapter called the “RIP-Adapter” which makes it really easy to weigh down your Peto (or any lure) in a quick and exceptionally reliable way. Using the attachable weights from the RIP system you can now fish the lure very deep, or keep it just below the surface.

When fishing the X-Rap Peto in cold water, over deeper areas with a slow retrieve and long pauses, I put on a 15-25 gram weight.

I think the early Summer and post-spawn fishing are the absolute best times and most effective times to fish my Peto. During those times, most of the predators are feeding on mid-size whitefish to gain as much and fast weight as possible so a six or ten gram weight is often my choice here. I usually fish it over stony plateaus offshore, and over drop-offs down to 4-5 meters.

With a quite high-speed retrieve and short and distinct stops, the X-Rap Peto will make the predators go crazy. When I’m fishing it on warm and sunny summer days, I lose the weights and fish it very shallow over those thick and green grassy beds.

When autumn hits my home rivers, it’s time to slow things down again. Searching for bigger scoals of white fish and presenting my Peto with a steady and medium speed retrieve. Keeping that lure just above or beneath the scoals is a highly effective way. Longer pauses again, followed up by that steady retrieving.

A competition killer!

As I am writing this article for you, I just got back home from a two days long pike competition. I don’t know how to fit all the crazy stuff that we experienced out there on the water here, but I’ll do my best!

We were 48 teams starting on an early morning on a mid-sized lake in Sweden. Our plan was to seek pike on the stonier outer parts of the lake.

We had already participated in a similar competition a few days earlier with great results using only the X-Rap Peto, so the choice was not hard. A color that’s been a success for me and a personal favorite is the “Smelt on the beach”. A natural color that suits almost any water of choice, although in very muddy or dark waters I might choose a bright one instead.

Already at our first stop I had my first hit. -Fish on guys! Here we go, bring the net!

First approved pike was laying in the net. -Oh, man will this be such a “peto” day again, we are in for some serious strikes today mates.

My buddies swiftly connect their Petos too. Andreas went with the Live Perch (PEL) color and Per chose the Twilight Zone (TWZ).

Seconds later Andreas also got a hit! -Ha-ha this is crazy! It is a big one’s guys and she has swallowed the whole thing. There’s only the leader pulling out.

I can tell you that the competition was a full day with over 40 pikes caught with our X-Rap Peto’s and honestly, I did not change mine from the Smelt on the Beach (SMB) the whole day. After a full day of fishing, it was a broken warrior, wounded with scratches and cuts. But man, did he deliver!

We ended up on a 3 third place that day. 48 hungry teams fought well that day and the biggest pike in the competition were 103-97-89-88 cm - all caught with the X-Rap Peto. We were happy and exhausted, but the car ride home was still filled with talk about those hard strikes and brutal takes on our Petos.

A well-deserved finish!

Well, this is the best I could do to explain the Peto for you - sometimes some things just have to be experienced and the X-Rap Peto is definitely one of those things. It might sound like a cliché or a sales argument, but this is a lure you do not want to sit out on. Grab it, try one out and hopefully you´ll have the same chance to experience a true “Peto eating” day such as we have!

The 103cm beautiful postspawner that inhaled my X-Rap® Peto.

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I would be happy to answer any questions or thoughts regarding your fishing or lure questions. Stay safe out there and take care of each other. Tight lines!