Testing the X-Rap® Otus in Ireland

Blaine and I were super excited when we heard that we were the first in Ireland to test out the new X-Rap® Otus. We decided on a 2-day trip fishing on Lough Ree, a large wild lake in the very middle of Ireland. As is tradition for us, we decided we would fish the first day on Blaine’s boat and the second day on mine. We started off fishing in shallow water around 2-3 metres deep and we were very impressed with the action produced by the X-Rap® Otus. It has a nice rolling side-to-side action with savage movement from the tail, it can be fished very slowly and super quick. 

We started to hit fish straight away and landed several small fish between 50 & 60cm long. We decided to change things up and move out to deeper water around 5 metres deep. The water was super clear and with Blaine’s third cast, he landed a beauty of a pike at 108 cm long. I landed several small fish with the biggest going 80cm. With Blaine’s last cast, he hooked into a lovely 98cm fish right under the boat. We had landed 12 pike in total for the day. 

The next day we went out in my boat. We knew it would be difficult because there was no wind and it was a bright sunny day, not ideal weather for Irish pike fishing. We decided we would concentrate on a deep drop off where the water goes from 2 metres deep straight down to 10 metres deep, to see if any larger fish were sitting there. We wanted to get the X-Rap® Otus to run deeper so we added a small shot of lead to the Otus to get it down that little bit quicker. It was my turn for the large fish today. After about an hour, I hooked into a lovely fish of 102cm on the Hot Pike pattern, my favourite colour to use. The fish was in perfect condition, it had been feeding very well. 

Blaine went on to land two pike, both measuring 80cm. They came one cast after another and now the fish were really starting to turn on. I decided to change over to the X-Rap® Otus in the Live Roach pattern and then bang, a pike hit it so hard and boy was I in for a treat. After a savage fight, I landed a beauty of a pike at 110cm, another fish in perfect condition with a very full belly. 

The fishing slowed down after that, the sun came out strong and it was really bright – making the fishing conditions much tougher. We landed a few more small fish, but we were delighted with the X-Rap® Otus. We caught over 20 pike in 2 days with 3 going over the magic 1 metre mark. This is a serious, robust, durable lure for any serious predator angler.

#RAPALA - X-Rap® Otus