Good guided fishing with Rapala’s 2018 pike baits

This season a lot of guided pike fishing tours have been arranged on my home waters. Fishing has been consistently good. Both the pike and the customers have gotten a taste of the new Rapala pike lures.

We’ve had a good number of fish per trip – and on every tour we’ve hooked something. Also, many over 1-meter trophy pike. I have to mention that several customers have broken their records and caught their personal bests with Rapala’s new pike lures. That really warms a guide’s heart!

What is also very nice, is that the baits are easy to unbox and set ready. No magic tricks, but convenient – ready to fish in no time! The go-to lures of the season below: the X-Rap® Peto, the X-Rap® Scoop and the Super Shadow Rap®.