A Fun Day On The Ice

Fun day on ice

Today was a good day to go out ice fishing again, and what a fantastic day Ismete fishing (ice fishing with baits) it was! We caught some perch and pike and the day was sunny with the temperature only a couple of degrees under zero.

When I arrived at the fishing location, I realized that I had left the drill at home… So, the start of the day was delayed quite a bit unfortunately.

We (my friend and I) fished spots that were 9-18 meters deep and placed the bait to swim about one meter below the ice surface. Doing this we landed two beautiful pike, of which one was +90 cm!

Pike ice fishing

After these two fish, I missed a bite, and soon then the action was over.

To keep busy, I chose perch as my new target while waiting for another pike if it ever came to take our Ismete baits. At a spot where the bottom formed a deep cliff, I dropped my Jigging Rap. It did not take too long before the first perch took the lure, and then a few after that!

An entire shoal of perch popped up on the sonar screen. I missed the first fish but got a second chance – and succeeded!

Ice jigging

The Rapala Jigging Rap® in color Live Char(CHL) delivered well!

Ice fishing perch

It was a lot of fun to see the perch rise towards the lure on the sonar screen.

After the window closed, we switched back to pike fishing.

Happy new year & tight lines!