Fishing with Nauvo, Rapala’s New Metal Spoon

“Opening the package of Nauvo, Rapala’s new spoon, was love at first sight. Old-school classic spoon style combined with modern finishes – that’s all an angler could ask for! If you ask me, Nauvo will take fishing with spoons to a whole new level, whether you’re a seasoned pro or still fresh to the game.”

The Whispering Rivers

Early morning. The sound of blackbirds echoing from the trees. I’m walking along a narrow trail that leads up to the cottage. I know there´s already a crackling fire inside the cottage, the smell of fresh coffee hits me even before I reach the door. Entering the cabin, I get welcomed in numerous different languages. French, Belgian, Swedish, Norwegian. Our camp in the Swedish Lapland has awoken. Everyone’s got a different plan for the day. Some are going hunting. Some are spending the day hiking in the beautiful northern landscape. And, some are going fishing. Nearby, there’s a stretch of river with a lot of pike, perch, and grayling – even trout. What a perfect setting for taking my new spoon out for a test.


Fishing with spoons has been around for a long time. It’s a traditional way of targeting species like the mighty salmon or the furious pike. Nauvo pays homage to the traditional roots of spoon lures but takes it further with its modern design and exquisite swimming action.

Casting with Nauvo is a true pleasure. The spoon’s design and weight allow for casting far with accuracy. On a steady retrieve, Nauvo has a classic tail-wagging action. But, if you pick up the speed, Nauvo breaks into an irregular swimming action. Either way, you’ll get tons of mesmerizing flash with this stunningly colorful metal spoon. Add a couple of pauses while retrieving the lure, and you’ll get a fluttering rolling action as the spoon starts sinking. You don’t have to be a super-talented pro to get the action out of this lure – in fact, Nauvo is an easy lure to fish with. It’s a lure every angler can use, both beginners and pros.

Attract Them All

We’ve just arrived at the river. We’re accompanied by a friend from the camp – a guide from France. His week had been full of long days of showing anglers all the tricks in the book. So, he was quite content to have the day off. And of course, he wanted to spend it fishing. I poked through some of the colors for Nauvo and decided to go with GFR, the golden-reddish color with black spots. A lot of the colors you´ll find for Nauvo are impressively detailed baitfish colors. And of course, the classics are there, as well.

While casting with Nauvo, one set-up quickly rose above the others. By pairing Nauvo with a good spinning rod (I used my 8,6 ft Muse Black from 13 Fishing) and a spinning reel (Creed GT 4000), you’ll get the spoon flying like a spear!

By now, we’ve arrived at an area with a large block of stones. I’ve made my first casts, and suddenly I feel a gentle but firm strike! I could see some small whitefish circling the bottom – but I never expected to see what was waiting at the end of my line. I started reeling, thinking a small pike had struck on my Nauvo. But instead, it was a beautiful perch! I guess it was hankering for a meal of metal.

So, it’s not just pikes who are after Nauvo’s tail-wagging swimming action. Instead, the panic-stricken swimming action of the lure attracts all kinds of fish.

Having fished with Nauvo for quite a while, here are some of the things I’ve learned along the way:

- Couple Nauvo with a spinning rod & reel combo. You’ll get great casting distance, a smooth retrieve, and a more controlled hookset

- Fish Nauvo in areas with a lot of smaller baitfish – you’ll blend right in!

- Areas with a lot of bigger stones or underwater vegetation make a great place for fishing with Nauvo.

- If you’re targeting more delicate fish with Nauvo, you can replace the treble hook with a smaller hook.

- Try fishing Nauvo with fast retrieves and pauses.

There’s a couple of quick guidelines for you to use! And don’t forget to visit the Rapala homepage to take a look at all the cool color options for Nauvo – they really are a thing to behold. And I hope you´ll have a good out there on the water!