Supersize perch on Shadow Rap Shad Deep!

Lately, I have found perch fishing very difficult. However, the ones that I have caught have been nice, 40cm + perch.

Nice perch of 43cm that would have a Rapala DT10.

I have also captured a real top fish of 50cm. This fish took on a fast jerked Rapala Shadow Rap® Shad Deep in the color Live Perch (PEL).

Felt fantastic catching the second supersized perch and the first one to be caught with a hard bait.

The bite was really hard, and it took the lure straight away, so the first thought that hit me was that it was an angry pike. But, when the characteristic perch-shake came, my legs began to shake as well. After another couple of rushes by the boat, I could reel in and catch this fantastic fish.

The second, and hopefully not the last 50 + cm perch of my life.

Unfortunately, its stomach was empty, and it was longer than it was high or wide. But, 50cm is always 50cm.

Fishing with hard baits on grits has been luring some fine perch lately. It is still warm in the water here in Falun, so thickets and shallower areas have also resulted in fish.

I would also like to thank my friend Martin who released everything to come and photograph my perch. Thanks!

Now, the weekend is waiting, good people!

The temperature in the water drops and the autumn is coming closer and closer. The predators should eat themselves up, so go and take them out!

#RAPALA - Shadow Rap Shad Deep