Rapala Rippin’ Rap Keeps a Fisherman Busy

Rippin’ Rap® – small but efficient!

Rapala’s Rippin’ Rap® has a bit of a disc-shaped body. It reminds me of the traditional ice fishing lures and wobblers – or something similar anyway! That is because it is connected to the line from its back fin. After a couple of casts, it is clear that this lure casts well and long. It swims nicely, and the crisp sound of the rattle system can be heard as the lure is reeled in.

The Rippin’ Rap® got me hooked, as it makes a passive form of fishing very active. The lure can be set to run in various depths. The place I fished was couple of meters deep at the deepest, and I could easily make the Rippin’ Rap swim close to the bottom. That and the Chrome Gold Fluorescent Red color (CGFR) made the perch go crazy! I’ve previously found out that orange colors work well during the cloudy fall weather. 

The perch love an orange Rippin’ Rap

The Rapala Rippin’ performs very well when reaching deep into the corners of the reeds is required; at least I found a school of perch very quickly doing this. I tested the lure even in the middle of water lilies and it performed well, as the movement of the lure was easy to control and thus I could avoid getting tangled up in the lilies.

I’ve been told that when trolling, the Rippin’ Rap would work for salmon and trout as well. In the future when I’m planning to fish close to vegetation, I’ll definitely pack some surface lures and Rippin’ Raps with me. With these – hooking perch and pike is guaranteed no matter at which depth the fish are swimming at.