5 Lures to Cast at Perch This Summer

Perch Recommendations

Got perch on your mind? Among the many joys of summer are the long days of perch fishing in the sun. Take fun to the max by checking out these five lures recommended by our in-house pros. You won’t only be getting more bites, but also opening your mind to a whole new horizon of perch fishing.

BX® Brat

A perch-catching brawler for shallow waters. This crankbait dives lip-first, sparing the hooks from getting snagged. The Brat’s copolymer-coated balsa body swims with grace but can endure even the heavier blows. Choose the size according to the water’s depth: the 03 is for 3 feet (0,90 m), while the 06 is swims in 6 feet (1,8 m).  

BX Brat

Rippin’ Rap®

Want to make a scene? Then you might want to take the loud and proud Rippin’ Rap out for a spin! This long-casting, lipless lure sinks fast and swims with hard and rattling action. You can vary the swimming depth by playing around with the speed of your retrieve. Let the nearby fish know that the underwater circus has come to town – and the tickets are selling fast!  

Rippin' Rap


Start the CountDown! Thanks to the delicate action provided by its balsa body, you can fish the CountDown in a wide variety of depths. Let the lure sink to the desired depth and start the “stop-and-reel” retrieve – that’s how you do the CountDown. And don’t forget the lure’s brand new cousin, the CountDown Elite!  


Shad Rap®

There’s a reason why people love the classics – they’re simply that good. A Rapala staple since the 80s, the Shad Rap has surely earned its place in every perch angler’s tackle box. Try this roach-mimicking lure for perch trolling and prepare to be impressed. 

Shad Rap

Skitter Pop®

Few things beat the thrill of topwater fishing. The loud and exciting Skitter Pop is a great choice for topwater perch fishing. When going for a bigger perch, give the 05 and 07 sizes a go. An afternoon of explosive skittering with this king of pop, and there’s no going back! 

Skitter Pop