Massive Perch With Nellfors

On our way home

With a few minutes left on our long journey home and after hours of driving along the coast of Sweden, signs that I know by heart begin to pop up.  Frosty trees, a group of boars and a large predatory bird circulate on the open plains, I’m feeling peaceful.

For the past 4 days I have experienced the best of the best perch fishing in my life and I’m still wearing a big smile. The last image that is engraved in my mind is the colors of that particularly colorful and large perch that swims back down into the water. A new personal best! And how those seven centimeters of plastic work could make the day remarkable and unforgettable.

Today, I want to tell you all about this very special and exciting "crank" from Rapala.

Scatter Rap Glass Shad

Let's go through the technical bit of Scatter Rap® Glass Shad right away, because it might give you a better overall understanding of the Scatter itself.

Scatter Rap® Glass Shad is a 7 cm long crankbait from Rapala. With a transparent appearance and integrated foil, the bait absorbs external sources of color which gives the bait a lovely natural look and reflections in different situations. A unique feature of the Scatter Rap is its spoon.

The unique design gives the bait a special time as it rumbles into the water. Many times, during my predator fishing I have experienced the "follow" syndrome, where the fish aroused their curiosity and started to follow my bait. But even too many times, weight off to swim away. Here's what in my opinion is the sticking factor and big advantage of Scatter Rap.

The Scatter Rap spoon gives the bait a flowing action and movement. As it swims straight ahead in line it suddenly gets a sweeping motion to the right and left. The bait "sticks" away. Just like a floating baitfish. Combined with the floating behavior and the fact that Scatter Rap is floating gives a big advantage when fishing with long spinning stops. And I am convinced that the predators are triggered by this very thing, which will also be the difference for the fish to break their "follow" syndrome and attack the bait mercilessly. Simply more chop and fish in the boat!

I usually fish in clear to semi-clear waters, which also makes Scatter Rap a favorite. All the colors you can choose from are very natural and there is a color for everyone. One tip is to take a look at Olive Ghost (OGH) or Black Glass (GBK) which are some of my own favorites on both big perch and zander. The built-in rattling chamber and the possibility of very long casts allows you to cover large areas of water when you spin Scatter Rap. But if you are more of a trolling fisherman, then what?

Scatter Rap® Glass Shad is a favorite of many trolling fishermen. The flying time makes the bait do the job by itself and you can fish the bait down to almost 4.3 meters. Equipped with VMC Black Nickel round bends hooks get ready to take a day on the water!


-Yo mate, I think I've found them. I take a quick sweep over them again to see if I get a better hit on the streak.
- Look at them. Here’s guaranteed some big ones.

I took a quick look at the sonar screen. We went four meters deep with some nice hits on bigger fish that appeared on the screen.

-What bait are you running?

Mathias peeked at me as he rummaged around in the pasture boxes.

- I think I'll start with a little smaller jig and jig skull. - And you?
-No, I'm thinking of a crank. Scatter Rap Glass Shad, perhaps...

Mathias had already started casting and it wasn't long before the first perch was hooked.

- Nice one, nice first perch! Check it out.
- Haha yeah, that was a thick one.

My Olive Ghost colored Scatter Rap reflected the daylight in the water as I flipped it to see the action - I was ready to go!

Because Mathias was in the process of teasing his second Perch, I realized that the fish were probably more active now. This also changed my way of thinking about the upcoming cast.

I explained briefly earlier that the Scatter Rap is a "suspending" crank bait. That is why the plan was to fish the bait very slowly with long spinning stops. Because the perch seemed to be active now, being able to keep the bait in the mid-water for as long as possible should give me an advantage to catch a fine one. I could really feel the vibrations and the action on the lure while I cranked it towards me. First cast, second cast, still nothing happening yet…

Mathias hooked another fine 1300+ g perch. Absolutely magical - nothing that could erase that smirk off his face now.

I cast another one, and it was a pretty long one. You know that kind of cast when you feel satisfied in your whole body. This was such cast! The first few meters I speed on the crank a little to follow up with a long spinning stop and allowing the bait to slowly rise.

Bam! Yep, there it is, buddy!

- It actually feels really good, Mathias. Or maybe it is a pike?

But deep down, a short distance away, we spotted a striped warrior. -It's a really big perch, mate! Really big.

- Can you get the net?

Time stood still as the perch was laying in the net. Next thing I see is my Scatter Rap getting tangled in the net next to the perch. I took a quick look at the catch - probably the biggest perch I caught, definitely over 1500g. However, it was probably not over the magical 50 centimeters but still, really long and fat.

Mathias picked up scale to weigh the fish - 1890 grams and 49 cm perch!

I was absolutely spellbound - this particular fish just made my whole trip! I also did not use my Scatter Rap® Glass Shad more during this trip, at least not this exact one. No, that specific lure had earned its place on my shelf.

Slowly I got to see the big perch swim back down into the depths and I just sat there happy!

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