Chasing the big perch with DT10

Summer is just around the corner, meaning the time is ripe for some first-class perch fishing. Jigging for perch is fun – but nowhere as fun as going after them with proper hard baits. One of my all-time favorites is the Rapala DT10.   

The lakes I fish in can be a bit tricky when it comes to reaching the required depths – regular jerkbaits and crankbaits just aren’t cut out for it. That’s when I bring in my Rapala DT® (Dives-To) Series 10, an absolute killer for big perch! Abbreviated from “Dives-To”, the DT10 quickly plunges to a depth of 3-4 meters, depending on the line and leader you’re using. Add to this the bait’s hard action and robust vibration, and you’ve got a lure that will have all the nearby perch going absolutely bonkers. Thanks to the bait’s design, you can bounce it without getting it stuck – meaning you’ll be catching fish, not weeds.  

The DT10 is also the perfect choice for stalking the deep edges. The bait’s chubby shape and flamboyant action are more than enough to lure the perch out of their hideouts in the depths. When presented with something interesting, a hungry perch can swim up to several meters upwards to see what’s going on. And the DT10 is exactly the thing to get the perch fired up. 
Another great thing about this bait is its casting abilities – you can cover expanses of water with no effort at all. Especially on windy days, when jigging is out of the picture, the DT10 is a fantastic choice. You can send this little guy soaring through the air and watch it cover a mile! 
I usually fish the DT10 in two different ways.  
1.     Just simple reeling. I play around with the speed to add some variation.  
2.     I add little pauses to my retrieve. I do this by lifting my rod tip, pulling it towards me. This movement results in a slack line, which I then reel in – making the lure pause for a bit. This is when the fish usually go in for the strike.  
Since the lure has a hard action, a sizable lip, and plenty of vibration, I like to couple it up with a rod with a bit heavier casting weight. If you ask me, 13 Fishing’s Omen Black (15-40 g) is an ideal rod for this lure. If you’re fishing in waters with a lot of pike around, it’s worth considering a thicker fluorocarbon (I use 0,60 mm) for a leader, or simply use wire. It’s not only the perch who crave the DT10 – the pike love it, as well! 
But that’s enough talk – now it’s time to get out there and start fishing. And don’t forget to pack a couple of DT10s with you!