Cold Water Perch on Rapala Hard Baits

Let me tell you a good story about an insane autumn day. It was early October in Sweden, as we went hunting for some angry perch.

-piiip piip piip

It was 5 am in the morning and I could barely react to the alarm sound. As I woke up, yesterday's phone call was slowly coming back to me.

-Yes, it was crazy dude! They couldn’t stop hitting our pike lures.

-And before we realized its was some big ass perch that stroke our baits, we already had lost a good number of paddles and tails man. 

My fishing buddy had excitement in his voice, as he explained how he and his friend had found a big school of perch that hunted down their pike lures.

-Of course! Yes, yes, I am up for that! It will be a perfect opportunity to try out some new Rapala lures!

An hour and a cup of hot coffee later, I was standing on the porch waiting for Mr. Backlund to arrive. The idea was to make our way back to the crime scene as quickly as possible. But this time, equipped with more suitable gear for hunting down those big striped warriors. 

-Hmm oh yes, this one. And this one? 

-Yeah that color was awesome! And nice rattles inside. Those will be great.

The car drive to our destination went by in a blink of an eye as I showed Mr. Backlund some cool colors of the 11 cm Rapala Shadow Rap®

The Shadow Rap® is a super exiting hard bait from Rapala. 

It’s designed to mimic the last struggle of a dying minnow. It makes tight turns when twitched and turns to look back and then settles to a head-down position with a quiver before starting a slow fade-away dive on the pause.

And there are tens of different super cool colors to suit every fishing situation possible. 

-Well we are here. 

-Just in time!

We took off the harbor. The autumn morning was breathtakingly epic. Our excitement increased, as we saw small groups of whitefish break the surface. 

The location we were fishing that day was a quite shallow bay with plenty of vegetation and a rocky bottom. The perch and pike tend to follow the currents to get into the area. Perfect for our kind of fishing!

-So, let’s rig some stuff mate!

-What will be your first choice!?

It did not take me too long to decide. I went through a pile of juicy Shadow Rap®s, and chose the color Live Roach (ROL). What a great pick for waters with smaller whitefish!

-Hey man, look at the sonar! 

-There is some serious amount of baitfish here dude.

-And look, there! There’s a bigger group of perch.

-Let’s start here.  

The first cast of the morning was flying through the air. My Shadow Rap® landed just outside the weed line and started working its way side to side towards the boat. 

Side to side! Stop. Side to... BAM!

-Ha-ha I’ve got fish on! 

-Nice man! It looks decent? 

And so, the first fish of the day was landed. A nice fat perch with a weight of 750 grams was laying peacefully in the net. 
The following hours along the shore line might have been the most brutal experience in my life, ever. 

We were able to hook and land over 70 perch. The average size was incredible: most of our perch were over 500 grams, and the biggest of the day 1100 grams.

I tried some different colors of the Shadow Rap®. The extremely hard takes on them made the Shadow Rap® a true winner in my books. It was so much fun!

After some hot soup and a well-deserved rest, we continued exploring the bay with good results. When suddenly Mr. Backlund’s voice cracked. 

-WOW what a take! Jesus 

-This feels heavy mate! Get the net! 

-Wait a minute! What IS that? 

-Ha ha ha ha! It’s a double take, mate!! Look at this, look at this! 

And there it was. Of course, we all have heard about it. If you are an expert perch angler, you may have even experienced it. But for us this was the first time.

Now two pike anglers were standing in the boat looking down on remarkable double take on the Shadow Rap®.  A bigger perch of almost 900 grams was hanging beside a bit smaller fish as they were lifted into the boat! 

The Shadow Rap® in Blue Ghost color (BGH) had done a terrific job attracting these two beautiful perch. It clearly was a snack they just couldn’t resist. Two thumps up for that!

Another couple of hours passed by and the fishing really was something spectacular. We were closing in on the one hundred mark on our clicker and just looked at each other. 

-Well isn’t this fishing really something!

-Yes, it really is my friend ha-ha! 

We were still excited about that last hour ahead of us. Our fishing in generally tends to always bring out the bigger ones just as the sun is about to set, regardless if we are targeting pike, or like in this case, our Swedish perch!

I switched quickly back to the color Live Roach (ROL) and made some casts out on more open water, away from the weed line. It didn’t take long before I felt a really hard strike! 

-Oh, there it is! NO! I lost it

-Wait look, look there!  You see that plow?

I made some slow twitching moves and paused for a second…

-BAM! Yeah buddy, it’s on again mate!

-I´ll get the net!

And there it was! Another stunning-colored perch on the Rapala Shadow Rap® was laying in the net.

I checked the clicker. We had already passed the hundred mark since Mr. Backlund had flipped some quick ones into the boat! 

Fishing perch in October is something that should not be underestimated. When you manage to find those special days when the fish are feeding, you are going to have great time for sure. 

We concentrated on hard lures and fishing the mid-water sections or just outside the weed lines or in those smaller pockets inside the weeds. In early morning and late evening, we managed to find some bigger individuals that were out hunting in smaller groups.

It was the last light of the day, as we found our way back to the harbor. In my opinion, Rapala has done a tremendous job on the Shadow Rap®. It is a high-quality hard bait, and a predator lure that should be included in everyone’s tackle box!

-Thanks for today B 

-Same to you mate! It has been a great day! 

-Until next time, mate!