Rapala Twitchin’ Rap® – Tested and Approved by Nellfors

Who would not like a lure with a walk-the-dog swimming action!? A lure that can be fished just below the surface to trigger predators... I  have found them extremely effective. Let me tell you a bit of how my fishing has been with the new Rapala Twitchin' Rap!

Not a too long time ago, Rapala released the X-Rap® Twitchin’ Shad. It is a slow sinking jerkbait/ glidebait that has a wide walk-the-dog action. Twitching the lure, makes it glide far out to the sides. We are actually in for something different but yet similar today! If you’ve loved the Twitchin’ Shad, you should definitely check out this new Twitchin' Rap from Rapala as well. It’s a perfect lure for predator fishing.

A New Player in Town! 

I got excited to hit the waters when I received the news about the new Twitchin' Rap. As a competition angler I was already convinced that the newcomer would be spot on at upcoming competitions. Since the X-Rap® Twitchin’ Shad had been effective previously, I looked very much forward to fishing with the new Rapala Twitchin’ Rap.

The new Twitchin’ Rap is 12 centimetres long and a weighs 53 grams. It has the classic Rapala shad body design and extremely responsive abachi construction. As every lure body is hand-picked, the density and therefore the sink rate are guaranteed to be perfect.

Twitchin’ Rap is slow sinking and swims at 0.6-1.5 meters. It has a wide profile and glides side-to-side, just below the surface, staying within the strike zone throughout the presentation. It has an easy-to-use gliding action.

It is responsive and can be fished with various presentations: try walk-the-dog action that is great for targeting a broad audience of fish out there. Point the rod top down and twitch the tip to create this swimming action. Or hold the rod tip still while with a stop-and-retrieve to mimic a struggling baitfish.

As always, the lure is equipped with lazer-sharp Coastal Black Nickel hooks from VMC®. The modern color range consists of seven cool patterns designed to attract big predator fish. The 3D holographic eyes give the lure a nice look. Overall, the Rapala Twitchin’ Rap feels very high-quality in my opinion. 

Bigger Lure for Bigger Fish? 

Is it really true that with a bigger lure, you´ll catch bigger fish? 

Personally, I have divided opinions and thoughts on this. In general, I would say yes – with a bigger lure you´ll sort out some of the smaller individuals and target the bigger ones.

But that does not mean the bigger predators do not strike and feed on smaller fish. Too many times I’ve landed smaller-sized perch, pike and zander on a lure that should have been too big for them to feed on. 

Is it their primitive feeding reaction as a predator or just the curiosity that leads them towards a moving, rattling lure? I´ll say it is a little bit of both. 

So, my personal conclusion is that by fishing bigger lures, you will sort out some of the smaller fish. But sometimes when the bigger fish are aiming for a specific-sized baitfish, smaller baits with an irrational action can be the only thing that works.

But it’s not that black and white ¬– if we had all the answers ready at all times, sport fishing would be less fun, right? 

During one of the days I was test fishing the new Twitchin’ Rap, I had a small vs big experience. As we were closing in on some schools of perch hunting in the higher parts of the water columns, we knew right away there would be some aggressive strikes at this spot. 

We got great results with some smaller lures. I could not control myself, I had to connect the new Twitchin’ Rap to my line. I was pretty amazed about the courage in those perch, I must say. 

I worked the lure with rapid and fast twitching action. The lure swam very lively and behaved like a damaged fish which triggered the perch. But it was not until I made some longer pauses that a bigger one decided to attack the lure. Which also proves the theory that a fish on the right mood, triggered by the right lure will not hesitate to go for a kill! 

Advantage and Usefulness!

So, when do I think it is the best time to use the new Rapala Twitchin’ Rap? 

Firstly, this lure is versatile when it comes to species. It will catch perch, pike and zander. I would say that for the bass anglers out there, this new lure can be something really cool to try out, even though it might be bigger than what has traditionally been used for bass.

Secondly, since the Twitchin’ Rap is a slow sinking lure, fish it in shallower waters. Shallow areas with a lot of weeds and vegetation are really effective places to fish. You can present this lure just under the surface and over those grass beds. 

The wide shape of the Twitchin’ Rap and its mass of 53 grams make it a long-casting canon. It will cover a lot of water and be particularly useful as a search bait when looking for pike. Especially in competitions when time is money and you need to find the active pike very quickly. 

So, if you are a walk-the-dog junkie and love an active lure that will give you a really cool shallow water fishing experience… The new Rapala Twitchin’ Rap is definitely something you have to check out!

Tight lines! 
Jonatan Nellfors