Trolling For Cod in the Baltic Sea

Only ten minutes after the baits were set, the ratchet of my multiplier reel screamed. A short fight later and we were able to get the first cod. That started well, but the same fortune was to repeat every quarter of an hour. Thus, we had met our bag limit of 7 cod per person in short time and were eagerly looking forward to a delicious dinner.

You're probably wondering what we're doing right now? We are fishing near the coast on a small boat for cod, which strengthen themselves after spawning and deliver a class fight on a light spinning rod, or just a light trolling rod.

We do not fish with the usual trolling downriggers or anything fancy like that, but with one of my favorite baits when it comes to targeting cod - the Rapala Deep Tail Dancer®. This bait is available in different sizes and depths. Depending on the line strength, current, distance to the boat and speed, the various models dive between 6 and 12 meters deep. The wide range of colors extends from subtle to rather loud tones in all possible colors. Precisely because of the very large diving depths, even beginners can quickly achieve success, since a lead or some other weight is not necessary.

When it comes to rods, we use medium weight spinning rods from our pike fishing selection with a spinning reel in the 4000 class, as well as lightweight trolling rods with a multiplier. I fill my spool with a low-stretch 0.40 monofilament (Advance), with a leader of 0.35 mm fluorocarbon (Super 21® FC).

Since we want to stay in water depths of seven to eight meters, we select the Deep Tail Dancer® with a depth of six meters and let them out 20 to 30 meters behind the boat. The reel drag is adjusted so that the fish can barely take a centimeter after the bite. Then the wait begins ... On that day, however, there was no such thing as waiting!

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