Keep your tools in order

As we all know, good tools in the form of pliers, scales and other things are important for all of us fishing. They are especially important when you want to put the fish back in the water as quickly and gently as possible.

If you want to release the fish, a crucial detail to consider is the time it takes to remove the hook and with the right tools, the operation usually takes only a few seconds. For this reason it is important to keep track of your tools and that is why I use the Rapala Tool Organizer - a neat bag to store your tools in.

I have my bag protected from the weather and wind in a storage compartment of the boat, but the bag has straps so you can hang it on the rail if you wish. At the bottom of the bag there are drainage holes that allow the water to drain out and the tools stay dry. When the fish is secured in the net, just pick up the bag and have all the tools at hand. Really smooth!

Flexible and agile

The tool organizer also makes it very easy to carry all the gear with you if you have several different boats, are fishing from land or when you are fishing with your mates and want to bring your favorite gadgets with you. After all, we all have a lot of those…

I completely fell in love with the Rapala RCD Hook Remover the first time I used it. It is easy to handle and really strong which makes it easy to use and release the hooks from the fish's mouth quickly and efficiently.

Cut the hooks - for everyone's safety

Every time I go fishing, I make sure to carry with me a long pair of pliers, hook clippers and a bolt cutter. The latter is irreplaceable if the fish, or me, get’s hooked badly and the hook must be cut off. If you are alone and get a hook in your hand, it can be crucial to be able to cut off the hook as quickly as possible. 

The hooks are removed, and the fish is released.

So when you’re packing your Rapala Tool Organizer - be sure to add some band aids too... Pike teeth and hooks are sharp!