A Sharp Hook Catches More Fish

I find myself standing on the deck of the boat, as the sharpener glides over those treble hooks that just got stuck on a stone. 

Touching the points and making sure that every single one is super sharp before my next cast!

A sharp hook to success

After years of fishing, I’ve come to a point where I’m putting a lot of focus and engagement on those pointy, lazer sharp, coated pieces of steel attached to your fishing lures. 

I’m using hooks from VMC Corporation at the moment, and they have the range of hooks and the quality I rely on. To cover every important situation, combined with the outstanding sharpness the VMC hook brings me out on the water. Is a game changer and a key to success. 

I will shortly go through one of my favorite hook models and how I keep it as sharp as I can over time. 

The one hook I definitely use the most is the VMC 4551 (Rapala Pike Series) 

This hook is attached to Rapalas X-Rap® Peto, Super Shadow Rap®, X-Rap® Otus and the X-Rap® Scoop

An extra strong high-carbon steel hook with black coastal coating that works really good for brackish water. 

I think the shape of this hook is excellent - it fits the lures in a most suitable way and is not too big or small. The proportions are right, and you won’t experience any trouble with hooks that tangles up etc.  

It’s easy to sharpen and I have never been in a situation where the hooks are breaking from a manufactures point of view from the hardening of the hook, which, in some cases, has been a problem when using hooks from other brands. The hooks come in sizes of 1/0 2/0 and 3/0

VMC is using a chemical sharpening method which makes the penetration of the hook much faster.

Rapala Angler and Product manager Mathias Holgersson says.

-    The VMC 4551 is a strong and great hook! The coastal black coating makes it extreme corrosion resistant and gives it a long-lasting finish in saltwater. The hook point has a very good penetration capacity and it’s a hook that I can rely on anytime. 

The way to sharpness

There are a lot of different sharpeners and hook files on the market. I’m using the Rapala Anglers Hook File, a file that’s been working great for me. With its perfect size of “only” 10 cm it doesn’t take much space in a bag or even a lure box of your choice. The cutting edges are compact and delicately refined which makes the results great every time.

In my daily professional as a chef in a kitchen I’m feeling quite confident using a sharpener as the Rapala Hook File. I have even tried it out on some of my outdoor knives with very impressive results. 

The file is made from high-carbon steel and has a plastic handle that lays still and firm in your hand. Not much more to say – it’s easy to use and does its job every day of the week, all year round.

So, let’s say you have a hook that you feel needs sharpening. This is my personal way to makes those trebles super sharp again: 

-    By laying the lure in your hand, grabbing one of the trebles between your thumb and your middle finger, you´ll have a firm and steady grip on each point that you need to sharpen. 

-    Place the hook file in a straight line towards the point with your other hand. To tighten your grip even more, you can try to put your index finger a bit higher up on the hook file. 

-    Work the file with short precise movements away from your body. Pushing the file in short actions away from you to the end of the blade and repeat. 

-    Work around the tip of each hook point that you feel needs to be sharpened.

The most important thing is to try to maintain the same angle on the hook file so the sharpening can be as precise as possible. 

This is my way of doing it and of course, you will find out what suits you best. But this is a quick, easy and secure way of sharpening your hooks! 

Catch a big one! 
Jonatan Nellfors