Rock Your Rap-V Blade

The Rapala Rap-V Blade is a high-quality combination of metal and plastic that will make your fishing fun and easy. It is a true multi target species lure and allows you to fish it in different ways. It is suitable for everyone: beginners, children and even more advanced and ambitious anglers. Everyone can fish and have a blast with the new Rap-V Blade from Rapala.

What is the Rap-V Blade?

A while ago Rapala released their new vibrating blade bait, the Rap-V Blade. I have been trying it out for a while now, mainly focusing the fishing on zander. But this lure has given me some nice bonus catches as well. Both our Swedish perch and pike seem to like this vibrating angry looking fellow. 

The Rap-V Blade is 6 cm long and weighs 14 grams. It has a metal frame and durable plastic body. Both the components and design are top-quality. The design and development team at Rapala has done a good job once again. 

On top of the lure there´s a two-hole line tie that allows two line tie positions. Use the front line tie for a slower fall swimming action and the rear line tie for a faster fall, head down action.

And of course, inserted inside the plastic body, you´ll find a chamber with a rattling-ball. It makes the V-Blade rattle and vibrate loudly, which attracts fish. The lure comes with VMC® Tail Treble and Double Belly Hooks. There’s a tail treble hook in the back and a double belly hook underneath. The strong and sharp hooks will increase your hook up rate.

Personally, my two favorite colors are the Molten Copper (MLC) and the Mossback Shiner (MBS)! They are colors that work well for almost any water type and weather conditions. Online at you can explore the full color range and find out your own favorites.

How to Fish Your Rap-V Blade 

The Rap-V Blade is a vibrating metal lure. Which means its most beneficial feature is of course the loud rattling and vibrating sound. That is what attracts the fish and makes them both curious and angry…

There are a couple of different methods that have been working for me. 

Method one: cast out, steady retrieve.

Today one of our first stops was a stony spot with a maximum depth of four meters. It was a quite big and clear area with smaller stones and hard bottom. There was no vegetation.

Every now and then we detected some perch on our sonar. So, to cover a bigger area, I did some long casts with a steady retrieve. In this way the Rap-V Blade was able to work and vibrate throughout the whole cast and wake the interest of any predator fish out there. 

That’s a the most classic and simple way to use this lure. It’s easy for anyone and will definitely catch some fish.

Method two: cast and work your Rap-V Blade in a yo-yo style, bouncing the bottoms and jigging it.

We had just left the shallower areas and were now seeking deeper water with peaking bottom structures. The sonar showed 8-9 meters around us with some ground plateaus of 5-6 meters. 

Typically at this time of the year you would wind zander there. But fishing was tough because of the air pressure and the unstable weather conditions. Finally, we started to see some minor echoes on the sonar around the most shallow part of the plateaus. 

I was using the Molten Copper colored Rap-V Blade and the first of the two-hole line ties (the hole closest to the back). It gave the lure a faster fall, headfirst swimming action, which I prefer in circumstances like this.

I want to fish my lure more aggressively by letting it sink fast to the bottom. Ater that I would jigg it, bouncing and jumping my way back. I would fish through rocky bottom, because I know that will do the trick on those zanders.

I kept a higher rod stand and a straight contact with my line, which allowed me to feel every vibrating motion. Often the zander will strike as soon as you lift from the bottom. Or even sometimes on the way down. 

So, these are the two classic and typical ways you can fish your Rapala Rap-V Blade.

Last words…

In a nutshell: The Rapala Rap-V Blade is a good vibrating lure. Its easy to use and comes attached with a lock right out of the package.

You can choose to fish it in various ways and with different swimming actions depending on which of the two-hole line ties you choose to use. Cast and reel it in monotonously or jigg it with a more yo-yo bouncing action on the bottom.

There are some nice color options for everyone. I consider the Rap-V Blade to be a multi species lure that will attract the most fish out there. I definitely recommend that you give the Rapala Rap-V Blade a chance. 

Do you have more questions about your Rapala lures or fishing in general? I´ll be happy to answer. Do not hesitate to contact me on Instagram or on Facebook