Which One Is My Favourite Rapala?

Well I am often asked which of my Rapala lures are my favourite ones to use and it’s a question I can never answer or put a name to it as there’s so many I travel with at all times. So to break it down it probably would resolve around seasons and what we are targeting. This time of the year (June) the water gets cooler and although fish are still very aggressive they will often show more interest to a slower worked lure and the Rapala Twitchin’ Mullet fits into that category nicely when fishing in the estuaries.

My Favourite Rapala

The shape and profile casts well with any 6.8ft to 8ft fast action rod using up to .25mm braid and 2000 to 5000 size reel. Its slow sink rate keeps it still within that top water strike zone and when paused between twitches it can drive fish into an extremely aggressive feeding pattern. I believe that when being followed and its left to just hang it will tease any fish into thinking “Does this baitfish think its clever just stopping and starring it me? I’ll show it" and BAM!! Its game on!

My Favourite Rapala Lure

These lures come in an amazing range of colours with a heavy duty finish to tackle any fresh or saltwater game fish. VMC hooks are also supplied as a standard accessory but can also be changed to suit your needs according to where and what you are fishing for. If you plan to change your hooks remember that this will affect the sink rate of the lure so remember to test it before you head out on the water. Testing it in the pool at home, if fishing the salt, will also not give an accurate indication of the sink rate as in salt water a lure will float easier than in fresh water due to the salt content so maybe test it off the side or the boat before starting to fish.

Twitchin Mullet

Since the launch of these Twitchin’ Mullets I have landed all the species of game fish our local estuaries have to offer and been lucky enough to land fish up to 40lbs on it which really put its strength as a hard body lure to the test, with no sign of any cracks or water intake in any of the lures I have used. The paint work also lasts extremely long for the amount of toothy critters that have nibbled on it so well worth the purchase for the cold times ahead and into next summer season.

Good fishing,
Chris Schoultz