MaxRap Forever!

Quick – the one lure you’d take along to a desert island? I often get asked that, and the answer is always the same: the MaxRap®!

Even though I can spend the odd day or two fishing for pike or trout, most of my fishing takes place in the saltier waters. When going to the deep end, soft baits can be a stellar choice. But when you want to scan the shallows, hard baits are the way to go!

The King of Versatility 

The MaxRap® is what I call an all-around lure. It’s the vehicle for all terrains and it can work wonders in any depth between 0,5 and 6 meters. The secret is in the lure’s small and narrow lip that allows for enticing action even in shallow waters. And it has another secret, one that is hidden deep beneath the surface. The lure is fitted with an internal MaxCast mechanism, meaning it has mobile Tungsten balls that move around the lure’s body, transferring the weight to the lure’s tail when cast. The equation is simple: more weight, further casts! And that’s also why the MaxRap is so deadly during the last meters of the retrieve. For max results, hold your rod at 45 degrees to guide the lure just above the algae, and be ready to fight!

And since it is the king of versatility, the MaxRap is good for targeting a whole bunch of saltwater predators: ballan wrasse, pollock, mackerel, garfish – and of course, seabass.

Two Types of Action 

The MaxRap is a suspending lure and it stays completely horizontal when paused (remember – it has the internal weight transfer system!). This is further supported by its long, slim profile. During the beginning of the seabass season, this feature becomes exceptionally handy. In those early days of the season, the seabass are looking for sand eels in the spots where sand and rocky areas meet. That’s the area that I usually scan, retrieving the MaxRap in a slow and completely linear motion, adding brief pauses every once in a while. Usually, it’s exactly after those pauses that the seabass go for the strike! Later, in the autumn season, the seabass get cockier and more aggressive. That’s when it’s better to start twitching the MaxRap as soon as it hits the water! 

Choose Your Fighter 

Let’s talk about the details. When it comes to size, I swap between 13, 15, and 17 centimeters. I tend to go for colors that match the natural baitfish colors in the area and make some adjustments according to the light, weather, and season. When I’m fishing from the coast, I usually go for the LZL (Live Lanzon) color. And if on a boat, my usual choice is the FOANC (Flake Orange Anchovy). But experimentation is the key – at the end of the day, it always pays off. 

As a final touch, the MaxRap is fitted with high-quality VMC Spark Point hooks. 

So, to break it down: in MaxRap, we’ve got a versatile lure that casts far and can handle both shallow and deep ends. It works for many different species and can be presented in two irresistible ways. And if you ask me, those are makings of a winner.  

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