Gift Ideas For the Gifted Angler

Holiday season is here, and we have put together some gift ideas for the gifted angler. It’s hard to go wrong with some fish-catching lures, well-engineered tools or good-looking accessories.

Rapala X-Rap® Peto
The Rapala X-Rap® Peto – also known as the The Finnish Beast - is a slow-sink hybrid bait for predator fishing. It is the ideal choice for cold water & challenging conditions. Its highly detailed finishes combined with responsive, tight-turning movements attract the big predator fish. Wide color range has a lot of great options. Maybe pick some natural color options and some modern vivid patterns and pack them in a Rapala Lure Box?

Rapala X-Rap® Scoop
The X-Rap® Scoop is a hard-bodied lure, that glides horizontally as it descends through the water column towards its inevitable fate… Flashy chrome finishes combined with realistic designs and textures create a sensory overload, that the predator fish simply cannot resist! 

Rapala Super Shadow Rap®
The Super Shadow Rap® is a predator lure famous for its slow fading action. It kicks hard to the side, and then slowly fades away into the depths.... The highly detailed finishes and responsive swim attract large pike. 

Rapala Urban Classic Sling Bag
Something for a stylish urban angler? The Rapala Urban Classic Sling Bag is both functional and good-looking. It features a stealthy digi-camo print, quick-draw plier holster and comfortable 3D back panel on the shoulder sling. The bag swings to the front for easy access. Perfect for an urban fisherman!

Rapala RCD Mag Spring Pliers
Every fisherman needs excellent pliers. The Rapala RCD Mag Spring Pliers have a patent pending Mag Spring mechanism on the pivot point of the pliers. The two opposing magnets push away from each other and hold the pliers open for easy one hand operation. Unlike springs, the magnets won’t break or lose their power in use. The durable stainless-steel jaws with gun metal finish have serrated tips for a secure grip. Ergonomic co-molded Soft Grip handles are comfortable to use. Even the most technical angler will be happy when unboxing these pliers!

Rapala Classic Cap - Red
Want to gift something a bit softer, but don’t know their size? A classic cap is a great idea! Our Rapala Classic Cap is made of comfortable cotton, and one size fits most. Adjustable Velcro closure ensures this cap stays on while fighting the fish or walking on the windy city streets. Cool yet stylish 3D embroided Rapala logo is a nice detail. This cap truly is stylish and great for everyday use – a gift, that many will use and appreciate. 

Rapala Pro Picks
Are you shopping for a someone that lives and breathes fishing? Need even more great ideas? Check our Pro Picks – they are a selection of our favorite Rapala items picked out buy our Pro Staff members. These professional guides and competitive anglers have a great taste and even more knowledge when it comes to fishing gear.