Land the perfect gift for Father’s Day

Here it comes again – Father’s Day! And for many, that means going through the tricky steps of coming up with the perfect gift for Dad. It may not be the Mission Impossible, but it’s still a Mission Pretty Damn Difficult. This year it’s time to resist the urge of gifting the Old Man with yet another pack of socks (believe us, he’s already got plenty of them.) This year, it’s time to hook your Dad up with something he really wants – fishing gear! If he’s the outdoorsy type who likes fishing even just the teensiest bit, surprising him with the proper gear is always a safe bet. To help you make his day one to remember, we’ve listed five gift ideas that will have Dad smiling in no time. 

RCD Mag Spring Pliers

There’s just something about Dads and tools – as long as Dads have been around, they’ve been fascinated about everything technical. The innate instinct to go for the niftiest tools is very high up on their hierarchy of needs. This makes the RCD Mag Spring Pliers the perfect Father’s Day gift. The pliers’ Mag Spring mechanism features opposing magnets that push away from each other and hold the pliers open – making one-hand operation easier than ever. Using magnets instead of springs also means these pliers won’t be breaking or losing their power in use. 

LureCamo Tackle Bag

Make sure Dad never misplaces his gear by getting him the LureCamo Tackle Bag! This waterproof tackle bag features a padded and adjustable shoulder strap, rings, loops, and pockets for days. The size options include LITE and MEDIUM to accommodate Dad’s mighty arsenal of lures. 

Karbon Fresh & Salt Net​

Naturally, Dad is going to target the big ones (fathers just love to show off). To make sure he’s going to land the monsters he’s hooking, there’s no net like the Karbon Fresh & Salt net! A large, full carbon net built with a 1,8 m telescopic carbon handle, this net is great for both fresh and saltwater use. The Karbon Fresh & Salt net is an ideal choice for many types of fish, including zander, sea bass – or even salmon!

Rapala Flat Brim Cap - Grey/Black

For some inexplicable reason, Dads often sport a sense of fashion that could best be described as “questionable”. The Hawaii shirt and the infamous socks-and-sandals combo are just a couple of examples on a list that’s seemingly endless. That’s why it’s good to give Dad a helping hand and get him rocking the Rapala Flat Brim Cap! In no time, your Dad will not only have a better visual on what’s going on in the water – he’ll also be looking fresh while at it!

Take your Dad out for a fishing trip

Of course, Dad will be eager to test out his new gear – and what would be a better way of doing that than taking him out for a day of fishing? This way, you’ll also get a chance to spend some quality time with the Old Man. And that’s probably the best gift you can get him.