The 3 Must-Haves for Saltwater Fishing

The heat is on! Summer, the primetime for many types of fishing, is full of exciting possibilities. For our Pro Team in Spain, this summer is all about making those long casts and getting that topwater action in the salty waters of the Mediterranean. In this article, three of our Pro Anglers reveal their favorite Rapala picks for the summer – and share some insights on how to fish with them. 

José María Morales:

I hope your tackle is ready for one and a half months of unforgettable topwater popping! The crew I’ll be rolling with this summer? The tuna, the flying fish, and the X-Rap® Magnum Xplode®. During the summer days, we find shoals of flying fish in these parts. These fish are, of course, known for their habit of “flying” – thanks to their aerodynamic physique and long pectoral fins, they can soar over 50 meters per jump when fleeing from predators! 

This is where the X-Rap Magnum Xplode comes into the picture. Thanks to its concave face, the X-Rap Magnum Xplode captures brilliantly the surface explosion usually produced by submerging flying fish. So, here’s the plan: to get the most out of this lure, you’ll want to get it in sync with the shoals of flying fish. Adjust the X-Rap Magnum Xplode’s retrieve to the descent of the flying fish, and you’ll have it popping exactly in the right spot. The lure will blend right in, and fool the predators looking for a snack on the go. You’ll have a great chance of hooking a tuna, dorado or a swordfish.

Rapala’s selection features nine natural and four fantasy colors, ranging from sardine to the famous flying fish. As you might have already guessed, my favorite is the FFU, the flying fish color. For best results, couple it up with a strong, resistant, and rounded multifilament. I’d recommend going with the 131 G-Core – a high-end braid that’s sure to prove itself indispensable in this type of demanding fishing.

Iván García Cárdenas: 

When I’m getting my tackle box ready, there’s no way I’d leave my topwater section at home. For me, topwater lures are an all-year-round favorite. Versatile and extremely fun. From mid-autumn to spring, I’ve ‘walked the dog’ with some impressive results.  

Here in the Mediterranean, the water temperature rises above 20 degrees during summer. And with the heat, we also get some longed-for visitors, like the bluefish and leerfish. To give them a warm welcome, I usually present them with the MaxRap® Walk'n Roll by Rapala. It’s a fantastically versatile topwater lure with numerous options for presentation. For instance, with steady retrieves, you’ll have the lure spitting and rolling from side to side. And with twitches and pauses, you’ll get the walking action. And here’s the catch: this lure is fitted with internal weights that shift when you cast iy, meaning this lure will fly like it was catapulted. 

There are days when the fish aren’t feeling that hungry. On those days the 13 cm Walk’n Roll can be a bit too much. But thank goodness the folks at Rapala have thought of everything: the MaxRap Walk’n Roll has a 10 cm little brother! Of course, the lure comes in all the colors of the rainbow. My favorites? The Flake Purple Ghost (FPGH) and the Flake Hot Chartreuse (FCH). 

David Juanola: 

I can already feel myself get emotional – because I’m going to talk about the X-Rap® Magnum® Prey and X-Rap® Magnum® Cast. The early summer is the season of life for the Mediterranean, the magical months when almost any species can be found in the waters. For anglers, it’s a season that must be savored every day. 

To make the most out of it, one needs a versatile lure – one that works with various speeds and can be cast far, far away. Luckily, that lure exists. Actually, it’s two lures: the X-Rap Magnum Prey and the X-Rap Magnum Cast. There are many reasons to fall in love with these lures, and one of them is the design that allows for ridiculously long casts. The way the lures are weighted makes them cut the wind like a bullet, letting you reach those shoals in the distance.  

Upon hitting the surface, these lures sink in a perfectly balanced, horizontal motion. The descent is accompanied by a wild, wobbling action that makes sure the game is on even before you start reeling it in. When retrieved, the X-Rap Magnum Cast starts a frenetic wobble that intensifies as you accelerate, but never loses its composure. This is high-speed action at its best!  

The X-Rap Magnum Prey is a whole other story, as it doesn’t have a diving lip. This lure swims with a slower and more open action – until you jerk it. When jerked with small pauses in the mix, this little stickbait goes absolutely bananas! Even though these lures are quite small (10 centimeters in length, like the natural prey fish of the area), their tough construction and the through-wire give them the armor needed when wrestling with tuna over 30 kilos. Weighing 41 grams, these lures can be fished in different depths, depending on the waters and the target species. Tie the X-Rap Magnum on, take a firm grip of the rod and let the games begin!