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How to Fillet Panfish (Video)

How Do You Fillet Panfish? Professional Guide, Tony Roach, shows how with a minimal amount of waste.

Hey I’m Tony Roach. The Rapala 6” Fish ‘n Fillet Knife® is probably one of the most recognizable fillet knives on the market today. Of course with the Classic Birch handle, the hand-ground razor-sharp blade, making it ideal cutting in any fish filleting situation.

I’m gonna give you a couple of tips on filleting a few panfish today. Hopefully help you minimize any waste when filleting fish. I like to make one simple cut just along the gill plate. See that angle? Kinda angling up towards the head. And then I just simply turn my knife, slide it right back down the middle along the dorsal fin. As soon as I get to the end of the dorsal fin, I stick the knife all the way through and then just let the knife kinda slide all the way to the tail. It’s really important to kind of let the knife do the work for you. You know the knife’s sharp. It comes with a sharpener. You can just keep it sharp and just let it slide along the bones. You’re not forcing the knife through, letting it just slide through. And then I’ll turn the knife back around. You just kinda feeling along the rib cage there. I like to cut around the rib cage. Just come all the way down the fish and then boom, there you have it. It eliminates that process of cutting through the rib cage. You’re taking one step out of the filleting process plus keeping your knives a little sharper in the process. And then I just kinda angle my fillet knife, feeling along the skin. Just sliding it along that fillet and there you have it.

And then I’ll simply just flip the fish over and repeat the process, sliding behind the gill plate. Spin the knife around. Same thing, sliding all the way along the dorsal fin. You get to the end of the dorsal fin sticking the knife through and then out through the tail. Feeling along the rib cage, I’m not putting much pressure here, I’m just kinda feeling around those bones, sliding the knife all the way through. And that’s it!

You’ve really minimized any waste on that panfish whatsoever. You didn’t have to cut through the rib cage therefore saving your knife and again of course taking out that one crucial step in the fillet process, making it a lot easier.

Check out this Rapala Fish ‘n Fillet Knife® or any of Rapala’s filleting knives or any filleting product, check out