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Bass Fishing Tips Using the Terminator Walking Frog

How do you catch a bass? Walk a frog into heavy cover.

Fishing a hollow-bodied frog is something that’s gotten very popular in the last five to ten years. It allows you to fish a bite where we really didn’t have something to fish in those areas before. The Terminator® Walking Frog is a great choice because of its shape. It’s a little bit bigger body frog than a lot of the ones on the market, so it’s gonna target a little bit bigger fish. Also, how easy this bait walks. Almost anybody can throw this frog out and get it to walk pretty quick. As far as condition, water temperature, those types of things, I like for it to be warmer water. I never threw a frog in water say less than 60 degrees. Usually from the time the fish starts spawning, from then through the summer through the fall until the water really gets cold again, that’s frog fishin’ time for me. Due to its natural action as something that’s something that’s not got a lot of noise and commotion, that’s why you don’t want to fish a frog in extremely heavy chop. It’s just simply gonna get lost and a lot of those fish aren’t gonna know where it is. I like fishing a frog actually up in the day probably moreso than I do in the morning. In the morning a lot of times those fish are still lethargic a little bit and they’re really not chasing stuff real early in the morning. But once that sun gets hot, it creates those shadows, that’s when I’m gonna pick up a frog and that’s when I’m gonna start catching some big bass on it.

Some of the ideal cover that comes to mind for me when fishing a frog is any kinda overhanging tree, something that I can skip that bait up underneath where a fish is potentially gonna be sitting. Those are ideal places as well as grass. That is of course a great place to fish it but don’t limit to only fishing a frog in or around grass. It’s extremely effective around bushes, around any type of heavy cover as well as even open water. Both those types of things as well, so just don’t limit yourself to only fishing around grass. You’re gonna miss out on a lot of great opportunities if you do.

It’ll really surprise you how effective a frog can be when other topwater baits aren’t. For me, a lot of my techniques and the way I’m gonna be fishing this frog is skippin that bait into that strike zone. Skipping that bait in there a lot of times is gonna draw that bass’ attention and get him to look for it. Then once it hits the water, short twitches of the rod tip will really make that bait walk almost in place. It’s not making very much forward travel with a lot of side-to-side commotion, spraying some water up in the air a little bit and you can see just how much that bait’s movin back and forth, side to side. That’s what’s making this frog extremely effective.

Some of the other techniques you can do with it, you know if the fish are in extremely clear water, and you need to fish that bait a little bit faster, a lot of times I’ll give it three or four short twitches and then a pause where I am trying to move that bait a couple feet at a time before stopping it. If the fish are following it sometimes you can stop that bait and if you watch close those legs just open up and then move a lot even after that bait has come to a rest. That can be an extremely effective technique if those fish are coming up under the bait, just kinda hangin there for a second. Pause that bait, allow those legs to open up and that may be the thing that trips the trigger.

The reason every angler should have a Terminator® Walking Frog in their arsenal is to fit all of those heavy cover situations where you need a bait that’s gonna walk, it’s gonna stay in the strike zone, and it’s gonna catch fish where you’ve not been able to fish a bait before. But you can keep it in the strike zone and make ‘em bite it.

Terminator® Walking Frog