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Trigger X® Brings Unbeatable Action To The Ice With New Creature Baits

Innovative Soft Baits Blend Action, Color and Taste for Year-Round Success

Leveraging insights gleaned in the lab and rigorously tested on both hard and soft water, the angling aces at Trigger X® have cracked the code for hooking trophy fish year-round with seven versatile new soft baits.

“In developing its latest and greatest soft baits, Trigger X identified three recurring elements that consistently drive fish to bite — action, color and taste,” says Joel Nelson, ICE FORCE™ pro staffer. “Ideal for fishing in any season, the new Trigger X creature baits deliver these key attributes like never before, enticing fish to strike with a multifaceted sensory overload that will have even the most elusive, wily fish instantly hooked — in more ways than one.”

Whether rigged in July or January, these Trigger X soft baits will have anglers pulling in lunkers all day, regardless if they’re splashing out of the water or wiggling up through the ice.

Trigger X Nymph

With a body design that replicates the aquatic insects and crustaceans fish seek for year-round meals, the Trigger X Nymph features lifelike appendages that dance in the water with a consistent, tempting motion. The bait’s tubular profile and unique action invite all major game species to rush in for what appears to be a quick and easy snack, and ends in an epic battle for any angler wise enough to select the Nymph. Available in a variety of eye-catching solid and top-to-bottom colors and Ultra Glow models that emit a long-lasting 15-minute glow ideal for hard water scenarios, the Trigger X Nymph comes 12 pieces per package.

Trigger X Flap Tail Grub

Whether in the ice shack or on the boat, anglers can “slap” any fish into a frenzy with the Flap Tail Grub from Trigger X. Boasting a thin, beaver-like tail that creates a highly visual flapping action, this soft bait is sure to garner attention from wall-worthy trophy fish of any type. Alter the bait by splitting the tail, and the Flap Tail Grub’s action instantly transforms to mimic a wounded swimming minnow. Select any of nine natural, fluorescent, solid or top-to-bottom dual and Ultra Glow colors for perfect presentation in any scenario. A must-have addition to the serious angler’s tackle box, the Trigger X Flap Tail Grub comes 12 pieces per pack with a 1-inch profile.

Trigger X Minnow

The Trigger X Minnow delivers realistic mini fry features and functionality — all without the hassle of a clunky minnow bucket. Crafted with a slender tapered body and unique webbed tail, this quality bait provides superb action with the slightest flick of the stick. Ready to fish in an array of solid or top-to-bottom dual colors and enhanced Ultra Glow pigments, the Trigger X Minnow comes 12 pieces to a bag for multi-season fishing excursions.

Trigger X Spike Worm

Panfish aficionados will love the ultra-flexible Trigger X Spike Worm. When rigged in different positions, these 1-1/2-inch synthetics can be twitched, fluttered or flapped for an assortment of effective actions that will spark strike after powerful strike. Available in 12-piece packages and attractive natural and hi-vis two-tone color patterns, the Spike Worm will have frisky fish salivating in both hard and soft water environments.

Trigger X Mustache Worm

The tried-and-true Wacky Worm and Wacky fishing technique just got supercharged with the Trigger X Mustache Worm. Produced with an easy-to-rig egg sack and long, slender appendages protruding from each side of its base, the Mustache Worm calls in fish with the allure of a small fry or micro plankton fleeing the jaws of a ferocious predator.

Its one-of-a-kind “mustache” action hits the mark when jigged, causing the appendages to undulate wildly in the water. Enhanced with a wide variety of colors and Ultra Glow pigments, the Mustache Worm comes 12 pieces per pack and ensures that when the fish bite, they hang on tight.

Trigger X Larvae

The Euro Larvae has long been the go-to bait for panfishing. Now, the Trigger X Larvae offers anglers the presentation they’ve come to trust in bulk 20- and 25-piece packages. Complete with the sizes and texture that match the real deal, these fish snacks can be used across multiple applications, and can be purchased in 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch sizes and a wide variety of finishes, including Ultra Glow colors for added visibility in murky waters.

Trigger X Wax Tail

Looking for incredible strike-inducing action? Rig up the Trigger X Wax Tail and experience dynamic movement with the slightest twitch of the rod. Pinch off the tail and the bait can also be used to replicate a fat, juicy waxworm. Its ridged body and natural-feeling texture offers a design fish won’t recognize as an imitation. The bait comes in 1-inch and 1-1/2-inch sizes and 12- or 15-piece bags with a wide range of solid or top-to-bottom dual colors and Ultra Glow pigments that give anglers every advantage to put more fish in the boat or on the ice.