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StrikeMaster’s Lazer Mag Dubbed “New Classic”

Enhanced power auger couples performance and value

Just as the hunter embraces his Weatherby®, so too, does the carpenter wield his Craftsman® hammer. It’s the same attitude of diehard Northwoods icemen, who rely on their Lazer Mag augers every day. Indeed, as veterans of the tundra have known for decades, StrikeMaster always delivers the goods—reliability, value and the power to burn through icebergs like a blowtorch.

New for winter 2009-10, StrikeMaster has made a great machine even better. But why fix nearperfection? The answer lies in German engineering. “When we first coupled the new Solo® powerhead with precision Swedish drills and blades, it was the perfect marriage,” says StrikeMaster’s Randy Havel. “Solo® of Germany is the finest small engine manufacturer in the world—really the BMW of the small motor world.”

Ice angling pioneer, Dave Genz, concurs. “The Lazer Mag is the new classic in ice augers. It starts on the first crank. It drills holes fast and smooth. Didn’t think they could make this machine any better. That was before I used the new Solo motor.”

“Fishermen are going to be impressed,” remarks longtime StrikeMaster confidant, and hardwater legend, Brian Brosdahl. “For the money, I don’t know how you can build a better auger than the new Lazer Mag. The motor is super fast and efficient—you don’t waste any turns of the drill. And its huge gas tank is a great, ideal for long drilling sessions.

“Every time I use this auger,” recalls Brosdahl, “I’m reminded of the clunkiness of the competition. The Lazer Mag is just the right size, weight and power. I’ve yet to meet an angler who didn’t like this machine—it’s the perfect power auger for any angler.”

Engineering Highlights:

  • Precision-powered 42 cc, 2.5-hp engine by Solo® Germany
  • Button-activated electronic ignition system for effortless starting
  • Spacious 24-ounce gas tank provides efficient, extended operation
  • Tufflite DuPont® Zytel® handles reduce weight without sacrificing durability
  • Light and compact (24- to 29-pounds); up to 10-pounds lighter than the competition
  • Stainless steel Lazer Blades by cutlery master, Mora® of Sweden
  • Available in 6”, 7”, 8” and 10” drill sizes

The Lazer Mag is the affordable “new classic” in StrikeMaster’s breakthrough auger lineup for 2009-10.