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StrikeMaster Sets New Standard in Ice Auger Power and Performance

Lazer Pro embraced by country’s top ice guides

Months before the heralded release of StrikeMaster’s new Lazer Pro ice auger, many of the northcountry’s top ice fishing guides were already petitioning for their own personal machines. Word of the new auger’s astonishing power and performance had spread like a hot bluegill bite. Everyone wanted one.

StrikeMaster, of course, was already ahead of the game, granting field-test duties to guides the likes of hole-happy Tony Roach, the Mille Lacs ice master. “After a long Minnesota winter, and over 12,000 holes, the rocket-fast speed, silky smooth operation and quietness of this machine still blows me away,” states Roach. “The Lazer Pro delivers hole-cutting performance that I didn’t think was possible in a consumer-grade ice auger. It almost makes drilling holes fun.”

Continuing their brilliant tradition of incorporating European ingenuity into design, StrikeMaster has tapped one of Germany’s premier small engine manufacturers, crafting the finest drilling machine found on the ice. Since the 1940s, Solo® has been a pioneer in small motor design, setting engineering standards for lawnmowers, chainsaws and brushcutters- real power tools for the toughest jobs in all outdoors. Coupled with StrikeMaster’s precision-engineered drills and blades, a result of the company’s longstanding partnership with cutlery master, Mora® of Sweden, the Lazer Pro will clearly be the season’s hottest new ice tool.

“You really feel the power of the Solo motor at the bottom of the hole, right before it breaks through,” Roach observes. “It finishes as smoothly as it starts.”

Engineering Highlights:

  • Precision-powered 54 cc, 3-hp engine by Solo® Germany
  • Jet-quick 40:1 gear ratio
  • Button-activated electronic ignition system for effortless starting
  • Available in 8” and 10” drill sizes
  • Light and compact (26 pounds - 8”; 29 pounds - 10”) up to 10-pounds lighter than other brands
  • Drills & blades by cutlery master, Mora® of Sweden
  • Quiet, low emission operation

The new Lazer Pro is the crown jewel in StrikeMaster’s breakthrough auger lineup for 2009-10.