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StrikeMaster Unveils New Magnum Workhorse

“Old-Reliable” sets benchmarks in value and dependability

How does one improve on something so fundamentally perfect as the hammer, saw or screwdriver? That was the essential question facing design engineers at StrikeMaster, as they contemplated facelifts for their line of rock-solid ice augers. Take, for example, the newly appointed Magnum.

“The Magnum has long been an incredibly durable, reliable ice auger,” says StrikeMaster Operations Manager, Mike Katchmark. “We examined every feature, every angle, before making any retrofits.” The new Magnum, Katchmark proudly reports, features a quiet, sleek, yet super-fast Solo® powerhead— a sportscar-like motor built by Germany’s finest small engine manufacturer. The Magnum also features a lightweight polymer gearbox that reduces the overall weight by over a pound. Think BMW, think Porsche, in a tight, speedy package.

But don’t let talk of fancy new motors fool you, says Katchmark. “The Magnum is every bit the blue-collar drilling machine it’s always been. Customers are constantly telling us how impressed they are by this auger’s performance and reliability. Even after a lengthy summer in storage, their Magnums fire right up at first ice, and run like tops all winter long. That hasn’t changed.

“Another feature that people will love is the steel chipper blade system,” he continues. “Especially for owners of permanent ice shelters; those who open lots of old holes, even those tough-to-crack, partially frozen holes—the chipper blades slice through like butter. And with the reduced emissions of the Solo engine, you’ll have much less smoke inside. It’s just a great ice machine.”

Engineering Highlights:

  • Precision-powered 37 cc, 2-hp engine by Solo® Germany
  • Button-activated electronic ignition system for effortless starting
  • Transmission with Heat Treated Gears
  • Polymer Gear Casting reduces overall weight by 1.3-lbs
  • Light and compact (25 pounds - 8”; 27 pounds - 10”) up to 10-pounds lighter than other brands
  • Available in 8” and 10” drill sizes
  • Time-tested alloyed steel chipper blades
  • Quiet, low emission operation
  • Sturdy yet lean Tufflite Dupont® Zytel® handles

The Magnum is the new standard in durable, reliable, yet highly affordable ice augers—part of StrikeMaster’s breakthrough lineup for 2009-10.