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Minnesota Manufacturer Takes Lead Role in Resource Conservation

StrikeMaster ice augers are tops in low emission, low impact technology

If ever a pursuit called for a sustained commitment to conserving natural resources, ice fishing is it. Few outdoor endeavors remain more closely tied to clean water and air, as well as the health of its wild occupants. It’s one thing to play lip service to this philosophy; quite another to take a real and active role. Indeed, for ice fishing industry leader StrikeMaster, the conservation ethic lies at the very core of their business.

“As anglers, as well as manufacturers of angling-related gear, we’re conservationists first,” says StrikeMaster’s Randy Havel. “We have a vested interest in conserving the resources we enjoy. That doesn’t mean we put them under glass. We utilize the resources with respect, but we also choose to conserve. Consequently, we’re taking a lead role in producing low-emission, low impact ice fishing gear. In our case this means enhancing our line of power ice augers.”

Strike-Lite™, ice fishing’s “silent assassin,” features a squeaky-clean 4-stroke motor, which burns less fuel and purrs along nearly fumefree. How about noise pollution? “The machine hums like a miniature fan, yet packs a deceptively powerful drilling torque—all in a featherlight 20-pound package,” says ice fishing prodigy, Dave Genz. Offering the lowest emission rating in the industry, the Strike-Lite is the quietest, cleanest auger in the ice belt.

Meanwhile, a true conservationist, the Electra Lazer 12000 DP™ rips hole after hole without burning a single drop of gas. Drawing on the clean, rechargeable power of a 12-volt, 9-amp hour battery, the Electra zips through deep ice with all the noise of a windmill. “The last thing you want is a fish house filled with toxic fumes,” states Genz. “The Electra Lazer is the perfect auger for anglers in wheeled fish houses—no smoke, no noise, no mess.”

Even in the arena of standard power augers, StrikeMaster has made great strides. “The new German Solo® engines in our Lazer Pro™, Lazer Mag™ and Magnum™ augers feature the lowest emissions in the industry,” says Havel. “People can’t believe how powerful, yet odorless and smokeless these machines are until they’ve run one. With the high-performance Solo engines, we think we’ve chosen the best of all worlds—faster, smoother, and more reliable, while reducing our impact on natural resources at the same time.”

With their recent breakthroughs in power auger technology and design, StrikeMaster has declared an end to the “blue smoke era.” Drill clean. Drill fast. Drill StrikeMaster.