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StrikeMaster History & Milestones

StrikeMaster is in its 64th year of operation as the world’s single largest manufacturer of Ice Augers. With distribution in the 17 hard water states, Canada and European distribution in all Baltic States, Sweden, Norway, Poland, The Czech Republic, and Russia. We are proud of the high standards we have set and the many innovations we have developed and introduced over the years. StrikeMaster has and continues to lead the way in advancing the technology in the Ice Fishing Industry and promoting this great sport. Our commitment to consumer satisfaction is our number one priority.

StrikeMaster maintains membership with the Outdoor Writers of America and The Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Association. StrikeMaster is a founding and participating member of Ice Team since 1998, with the mission of educating and promoting the sport of Ice Fishing. We are supporting members of the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wisconsin and the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame. We are sponsors and contributors of fishing contests, clinics, and festivals promoting the sport of ice fishing throughout the US, Canada and abroad. StrikeMaster will continue to strive to bring new and revolutionary cutting edge products to the Ice Fishing industry for the enjoyment and advancement of the Sport.

  • StrikeMaster Corporation was the first to introduce to North America the “World Class” MORA hand auger, in 1946.
  • StrikeMaster made a commitment in 1976 to build a complete line of gas and 12v power augers.
  • StrikeMaster introduced in 1992 a new standard of ice auger featuring superior cutting excellence with the unique family of LAZER ice augers.
  • StrikeMaster introduced the LT-296 lightweight transmission in 1996 for the 2 H.P. Mag 2000, Lazer Mag and the Electra Lazer. The LT-296 was engineered and designed to maximize gear ratios and efficiency for ice cutting ease during Phase 1 of the EPA emissions requirements.
  • StrikeMaster registered a Patent Pending statement for the unique “Delta Wing” handle assembly for the Mag 2000, Lazer Mag and the Electra Lazer in 1997.
  • StrikeMaster registered a Patent Pending statement for the Lazer Power Point Blade in 2000.
  • StrikeMaster introduced the *Tufflite Handle System in 2001. Constructed of Dupont Zytel® ST to meet the needs for a lightweight, low temperature, impact resistant strong handle system. *Patent No. D392,172.
  • StrikeMaster introduced the Lazer MAG ULTRA in 2001 with a revolutionary new Triple Power Lazer Blade Cutting System. This new system is designed with three power lazer blades and the patent pending Lazer Power Point, for the ultimate cutting speed and performance. *Patent No. 6,502,649.
  • StrikeMaster introduced a new generation of Electric ice augers in 2003.The new generation of Electra Lazer 12000 DP 12 volt augers now have built-in battery packs. They are designed to provide an environmentally friendly product line. Available in 5", 6", 7" and 8" models.
  • In 2003, 2004 & 2005 StrikeMaster Ice Augers participated at the National Power Ice Auger Championships. Bringing home multiple trophies in several catagories.
  • StrikeMaster introduced the Lazer 224 Ice Auger in 2004. The Lazer 224 ice auger is the first ice auger to incorporate a 4-blade cutting system. The 2-stage booster action of the 4 Lazer Blades make the Lazer 224 the fastest and smoothest cutting auger ever built by StrikeMaster.
  • StrikeMaster introduced the Strike-Lite ice auger in 2005. The Strike-Lite ice auger is the first synthetic ice auger powered by an environmentally friendly 4-stroke engine.
  • In 2007, StrikeMaster introduced an innovative device to clear slush from a freshley drilled ice hole called the Slushmaster.
  • In 2008, the Glide Lite sled hit the market to assist hard water fisherman with mobility.
  • 2009 was the year that German engineering entered the ice fishing market with the Solo engine series featured on StrikeMaster’s power ice auger series.
  • In 2009, StrikeMaster introduced the synthetic transmission housing on the 137 Solo engine (Magnum).