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Shadow Rap-The Most Versatile Jerkbait (video)

There is a really big misconception when throwing a Jerkbait, you have to throw it only during the coldwater conditions. But you know there is a lot of times especially the post bar whether it’s small mouth or large mouth that it can be very effective. You know a Jerkbait for me is a four-season bait. It’s a, it’s a lure that I’m going to carry in my boat for all weather conditions and all seasons. You know I’ve got in my hand I’ve got the brand new Rapala Shadow Rap® and ah, what a phenomenal Jerkbait, and there’s a couple of really special things about this bait.

And it works from Florida to New York to all the way out west it will truly catch bass in all of the states where there are bass.

Because it’s perfectly shadowing that, that dying baitfish action. Whenever they start dying off real slowly. It’s not an instant process, they just kind of kick up, and they fall back down real slow-like. It’s breathing for it’s last little bit of breath, a little twitch twitch and then it slowly fades, nose down.

And this does a better job of imitating those natural movements than any other Jerkbait I’ve ever seen.

You know what, a bass or any predator species is an opportunistic feeder so they are going to take advantage of any chance they can and so when they see a dying baitfish they take that opportunity because they know they are getting the most bang for their buck. The action of the Shadow Rap, it, it’s really limitless the possibilities of what you can do with this bait.

And the neat thing about it is you can radically change the movement based upon what you’re doing with your rod and your cadence, your retreat. You can fish it really quick and cover a lot of water when the waters really warm. You can fish it really slow during those cold weather months and let it just hang in front of that fishes face where they see it. They are going to ease up behind it and just suck it in. But it’s got a fluttering action that I have never seen in any other bait. And then the death twiver that comes after it, I mean a bass just can’t resist it.

And it’s not only necessarily a bass bait. You know you can catch big northern pike on it, um big walleye. I mean. All predator species, you know whether it’s pike, muskie, walleye, smallmouth, largemouth. And the Shadow Rap, it’s got all the features that make it a fish catcher throughout the year.

The way this bait is designed it’s going to do a lot of side to side darting without a lot of forward motion. And the flat side is, the profile of this bait, is something that just truly imitates a baitfish extremely well. A lot of Jerkbaits are more round where the Shadow Rap is flat. That to me is, is really important. And the fact that it comes in a regular diver and a deep diver you’ve got all the bases covered, all the situations covered, ready to go get you some Shadow Raps.

What a killer bait, depending upon how you reel it, you can work it different ways. For sure a four season bait and a big bass killer. It’s the Shadow Rap.

Shadow Rap

Shadow Rap Deep

Shadow Rap Shad

Shadow Rap Shad Deep