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HOW2TV High Percentage Lures for Spring (video)

You know this is the time of year, spring, we’re talking right now, real time fishing. We’re on a body of water that I haven’t fished before and I, this is very similar to the situations you get into in the spring. A great time to get out, knock down the water real quickly. I’ve got four high percentage baits that convert into presentations that I’m going to show you. They are very effective, they are very simple to do. And with a basic understanding of the lake, we’re looking at points a little cold, emerging vegetation, old weeds, new weeds. All those things are keys to putting the puzzle together in the springtime and make your fishing successful. Let’s get going.

I’m going to hit a few couple quick points real quickly. Let’s look at shorelines, look for lake features like points and also look at changes on shoreline like emerging vegetation that may be out from shore like reeds and bulrushes as well as rock transitions off the shoreline where it goes from sand to muck and then rock. Somewhere in there if you start working those multiples you’re going to start to catch fish.

Well I tell you what, the first order of business is a little lipless crankbait. Rippin Rap and Clackin Rap are great baits for it. But this time of year multiple rattling, simple running, high performance baits like the Rippin Rap perfect for fishing over the tops of new weeds in the spring or along weed line edges or just plain and simply covering flats. Just a moderate retreat. Because oftentimes that’s all it takes to trigger fish to bite.

You know this area’s changing up. The weeds are becoming more clumpy. So now I’m going to put the old Terminator T-1 spinnerbait to work. This time of year just keeping the bait moving is all you gotta do. You bump weeds, pop it, get it out of there, keep it going.

You know what happened? We just went over this point. I’m going to go in with a jerkbait. This one happens to be a Husky Jerk in a size ten. There’s a bunch of fish I marked back there, it could be crappies. We know the sunfish are spawning. This is really happening right now folks, believe me. And what we’re just trying to do is work this weed edge with a Husky Jerk and maybe hold it long enough to draw a pike out.

You know last but not least, it’s going to be the old plastic grub. High percentage bait folks on a ball-head jig, mushroom-head jig, moon-eye jig, whatever you want to fish it with, it’s great. But you can fish it fast, you can fish it slow. Let it tumble off the weeds. But its’ a great fish-finding bait and you’ll catch as many walleyes as you can pike and bass when it comes to the opener. There you have it folks. This is all happening right now. Four high percentage baits for springtime fishing. Multi-species activity, that’s what we call it. Throwing lipless crankbaits, jerkbaits, throwing spinnerbaits and coming back with the swimming grub. It’s easy, its very simple. You saw it, you saw it in action because it’s happened right now. Come back for more later.