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HOW2TV Early Summer High Percentage Lures (video)

Mark Fisher in the boat with Bernie Schultz, notable tournament angler, great guy, great fisherman. And what we’re doing is starting out trying to define what is the time of year. And obviously it’s summer because you can tell by the weed growth. Early summer is all about right after the Spring and right after the spawn. Everything centers around the spawn no matter where you are in the country. And how are these fish progressing. But we’re in that early summer. There’s a lot of fish shallow from the spawn. A lot of fish in the mid-depths. And what we’re going to do is break it down and go shallow and we’re going to go deep. We’re going to take four high percentage baits. Berne’s using the floater. I’m going to let, I’m going to throw it to Bernie and let him tell you why he does what he does shallow to mid-depth.

I’m a shallow water guy. I try and use all the tools I can to, to find those fish that stay, you know, in the shallows through the summer and this is one of the best I know of. It, it’s a, the bait can be fished so many ways, it’s a really versatile bait. You can throw it out there and just pretty much let it sit especially on a calm day and it will pull fish out of cover, to itself. Um, you can also fish it like a jerk bait. You can, you can actually impart a lot of action to the lure. It’s very erratic when you, when you just make a series of quick twitches with it. It dances underwater. That too can pull fish to the bait. Um, steady retrieve. I mean, I remember when I was a kid we used to just troll these things and catch a lot of fish. And to me it’s just kind of a go-to bait. So the flutter worm is really effective.

You can see, um, Bernie and I are fishing side-by-side. He’s throwing to the open pockets on the inside edges and I’m working kind of the, the shallower mid-depth areas. And um, throwing the flutter worm in and just letting it sink and flutter around and drop into the pockets and the holes in the vegetation. That’s why it’s rigged Texas-rig. I’m not hooking myself up, I’m not hooking up any weeds and it’s very simple. Pike will eat this, the bass will eat it and ah, it’s a lot of fun.

You know after covering the shallows, now we’re going to move out and work kind of the mid to the deep edges. The outside edge. Bernie’s going to throw a DT-6 or, or a DT-10 until we make contact and I’m going to throw a jig worm.

We have, this lure, I’m using a DT-6 and it’s really a good tool for covering a lot of water effectively. Basically because this is grass I’m trying to cast into the little channels or little alleyways in the grass you know, the grain of the grass, and try to work the bait through there before it breaks out into open water. And if you make contact with the grass all the better you just want to snatch the bait free. A lot of times that’s when you’re going to get your strike.

Fishing a jig worm is very simple. Cast it out to the weed edge and let it fall, let it tumble, let it hang up, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about trying to get a reaction. So you welcome the cover. If you’re, you reel up your slack, feel the bottom, reel up your slack again. That’s all you’re doing, you’re just moving the bait in a yo-yo method back to the boat. Swimming that, that worm off the bottom, falling off the weed. If you come into contact with the weed, just like we said in the spring grub piece, pop it. It will break free, it will drop back down and go bright back to work immediately.

Well there you have it folks, I’m glad you came on today. Anyways four quick, easy high percentage presentations to catch fish basically anywhere in the country in early summer. In the boat with me my buddy Bernie Schultz came up for a visit. Glad you are with us, check em out, keep coming back to Rapala, what is it Bernie? It’s the HOW2 Channel Rapala TV on youtube. Yup, we brought him up here just so we could get all that stuff right. Thank you. And I screwed it up.