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HOW2TV Tips & Tricks (video)

Brandon Palaniuk and Mike Iaconelli, Rapala Pro Anglers.

When I’m fishing the Shadow Rap, I’m going to make a long cast usually. You know, I want to keep that bait in the water as long as possible and get it though as many strike zones and in front of as many fish as possible. So I’ll make a cast, and I’ll let the bait sit just for a second. I’ll make a couple quick twitches with the rod to get that bait down and get the action started and then I’ll just let it sit. And it’s really important to have a little bit of slack in your line. That’s going to allow that bait to dart from side to side. And the way you do that is when you jerk your rod. You throw the rod tip back at it. So it’s a jerk and you throw it back. Sometimes real little jerks will trigger that strike.

And one of the things that I’m always doing with this bait is I’m varying my retrieve. And I, I want to find the cadence that works. But I’m never not throwing a pause into this bait when I’m working. That’s a real big trigger on this bait so. General rule of thumb the colder the water the shorter my twitches. Real gentle little twitches. But always thumb that pause in. The warmer the water, the more erratic my twitches. But always that pause. And that pause, nine times out of ten is when the fish is going to bite that bait. Real important. You know a couple little tricks with the Shadow Rap. And the one is, is what I call a micro twitch. And this is a real great retrieve when the water’s real cold. So many people get in the habit of these hard jerks but when that water gets cold I don’t want that bait moving a lot. So I make that cast, and if you watch my tip I just kind of shake it. It’s almost like you’re worm fishing or drop shop fishing. And I shake it and then I let the bait stop and I shake it and I let the bait stop. And that’s a real great technique because every time you’re shaking it that bait’s just doing these little tiny twitches and then on the pause it just fades off. That’s one real big one. Ah, the other one is to count your pauses and find out the pause they want. So about every five casts I will change my cadence and I will count my pauses. So the first cast I might count to three. And I will do that for the first five casts. If that doesn’t work, my next five casts, on the pause, I’m going to count to five. I’ll count to seven. I’ll count to ten. Until I get that first bite. And once you get that first bite, then you can duplicate it. So, be very conscious of the amount of time between your pauses.

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