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Custom HD Color Patterns (video)

Rapala® Custom HD Finishes. Created in perfect detail. Foil-wrapped Balsa Body. High Definition Decorating Process. Natural Forage Patterns. Real Life-Like Appearance. Featured in 5 Classic Rapala® Lures. Finest HD Lure Patterns On The Market.

Al Lindner, Legendary Angler.
Now the whole new series from Rapala® of HD colors covers a wide variety of forage options that fish use all over the country and they are absolutely brilliant colors. They look so real it’s incredible.

Brandon Palaniuk, Rapala Pro Angler.
Once again Rapala® has set the bar for their colors. The new Rapala® Custom HD colors are by far the most lifelike, realistic, natural-looking, baits out there ever built on the market. Incredible detail all the way down to the scaling, the eyes, to the fins, you can see it all in the new Rapala® custom HD colors.

Tony Roach, Rapala Pro Angler.
I think with walleye fishing and fishing in general color is everything. And the more natural you get the more fish you are going to put in the boat. And obviously with Rapala® you get that wobble. Now you couple it with that live forage, man this baits going to be unstoppable.

Jacob Wheeler, Rapala Pro Angler.
The custom HD is um, by far the most lifelike color that I’ve ever seen, ever seen on any crank-bait.

Ott Defoe, Rapala Pro Angler.
These new lifelike colors from, from Rapala® are extremely realistic. I’ve never seen anything quite like it honestly myself in a bait.

Brandon Palaniuk, Rapala Pro Angler.
The Rapala® Custom HD colors are available in five of your favorite shapes and sizes.

First off, the Original Floater. You gotta have the Original Floater in there. It’s available in the DT® family. We’ve got them in Shad Raps®, then you got them in Scatter Raps®, Scatter Rap® Minnow, Scatter Rap® Shad. You know all these models are great fish catchers. But now even more, with the custom HD colors. Every fishery we have around the country seems to be getting more and more fishing pressure. It’s honestly a good thing, there’s more people getting out and going fishing. But to adjust to that you gotta have a bait that’s more lifelike and that will catch fish when nothing else will. I make a living catching bass. But no matter what predatory fish that you’re out there trying to catch there’s a Rapala® custom HD color and shape specifically just for you. I mean you got the pumpkin seed. You got your bluegill. You got your wide largemouth and your wide smallmouth. And then you have, you know the smelt, the pike and even rainbow trout. So no matter what you got going on and no matter what those fish are eating we have a color specifically ready for you. You get a custom quality paint job at no extra cost to you guys. Still hand tuned and tank tested. These baits are super productive in clear-water conditions where fish have time to come in and look at a bait and see all of the things that make a difference. We’re going to be able to catch fish on a crank-bait now in waters much clearer than we ever dreamed possible. The color in clear water really ranks high on triggering fish to bite. The new HD colors from Rapala® are killers. Matching the hatch is something very important and a lot of times is the key in getting more bites and that’s exactly what we did with the new HD custom colors. The reason every serious angler should pick up some Rapala® custom HD colors is to have a leg-up on the competition and the fish that you’re fishing for. You want to catch more fish this season? Pick up my info of the new HD colors from Rapala® for your favorite fish.