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Customer Service

Arashi Changing Retrieve Speed (video)

Brandon Palaniuk, Storm Pro Angler.

Probably one of the most important things when you’re fishing a crankbait is being able to change your retreat speed. You’ll see, when I’m fishing, all the time whether I’m fishing deep, whether I’m fishing, you know lay down trees, rock piles, whatever it is. I’m always changing my retreat speed. I’m speeding it up. I’m slowing it down. I’ll stop it. So, if I’m fishing a laydown log I’ll get that crank bait running quick and I will feel it coming up to a branch and I will stop it. And I will just let it hit and stop real quick. And nine times out of ten that’s what triggers that strike, that change of action, that change of direction, or just that little change of speed is going to get those fish to react. You know they see an opportunity, they are opportunistic feeders, so they take advantage of that opportunity. That works even if you’re getting bit, doing one thing, fishing it at a certain speed. And then those fish quit biting.

Sometimes all you gotta do is just speed it up, or maybe you just gotta fish it a little bit slower, and slow it down. You know that’s one way that you can get a lot more bites. Don’t just constantly reel that crankbait down. Change your speeds. And that’s the nice thing about this Arashi® is that with that self-tuning line tie. That’s going to allow you to be able to speed it up, slow it down, and it’s never going to blow out on you. So, you can always change your retrieve speed and keep that bait on track the whole way all the way back to the boat. Oh, right off the end of the tree as soon as I bumped that log and changed speeds, that little speed up and stop and go triggered that bite. We’ve made multiple casts at different speeds, and finally figured out exactly what little change in our speed we needed to get that girl to bite.