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Customer Service

Arashi Vibe Lipless Crankbait (video)

Brandon Palaniuk.

There are several characteristics that were designed into the Storm Arashi® Vibe to give its unique, subtle action and, and one of the first things you are first going to notice is the patent-pending self-tuning line tie. And what that’s going to do is that’s going to allow this bait to stay true at very high speeds and at very low speeds.

The next thing is this really thin back design and what that allows this bait to do is start at a very slow speed so early in the year when those fish maybe aren’t nearly as aggressive, we’re able to take this bait, fish it slow, and keep it in the strike zone. The next thing you are going to notice: rotated hook hangers. That allows us to put oversized treble hooks on this bait. And you’re gonna get a better hook-up and landing ratio with those oversized treble hooks on a lipless crank bait. It comes with sharp black-nickel VMC treble hooks straight out of the package. And it’s available in fourteen different colors. So anywhere in the country, no matter the time of year, you’re able to mash the forage which is gonna help you get a lot more bites. Do you hear that? That’s a soft knock rattle and that’s going to be a big key because that’s what’s going to draw and make those big fish bite.

The retrieve that you use on the Arashi Vibe can be really important and it’s all going to be dictated by what kind of cover I’m fishing around and where the fish are positioned. And one of my favorite ways to fish it is a lift-and-drop technique. So I’m simply just gonna lift the rod-tip, and then I’m gonna follow the line back down, kind of on a semi-slack line where I’ve got just enough pull in my line that’s going to allow that bait to fall, nose down. And that’s when those fish are typically gonna eat it is when I pick that bait up and I just let it slowly fall back down. And a lot of times the best thing you can do is tick that grass, tick the top of it, and rip it out. Or just barely pull it out. Let the fish tell you how they want it. If they want that aggressive action or just a subtle lift-and-drop technique.

Ah, another way that you can fish it. If the fish are on bait or if you’re fishing real shallow, a lot of times just a steady retrieve is the best thing you can do. Just a steady retrieve, either slow, if you want to keep the bait down a little bit a little bit or if the fish are a little bit less aggressive, or you can really speed it up and burn this bait back. And that’s one thing that makes this lipless crankbait so unique is the fact that you can take it and you can burn it and the design of it is going to allow that bait to stay true and it’s not going to roll over on its side which can be a big key when you’re trying to bring that bait back and get those fish to react. So if you guys haven’t checked it out, make sure you guys check out the Storm Arashi Vibe.

Storm Arash® Vibe