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Customer Service

Arashi Top Walker (video)

Hey I’m Brandon Palaniuk, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, and by far when the water temps are starting to warm up one of my favorite ways to catch bass is on a topwater bait. Everything is visual from being able to see the bait to being able to see those explosive strikes.

And one of my favorite styles of topwater baits is a walk-the-dog action style of bait so you got a Storm Arashi® Top Walker here and this bait is going to dart side to side, back and forth, depending upon my cadence. Now there is a couple features of this bait that make it so unique compared to a lot of the other walk-the-dog style baits on the market. One of them being the rotated hook hangers which is gonna increase my hookup percentage. Another way that we designed this bait to increase our hookup percentage is when you look at this body you notice that the sides are a lot flatter on this bait and what that’s going to do is that decreases the amount that this bait rolls side to side. Why’s that important you ask? It’s going to keep these hooks underneath the bait. A lot of styles of baits when this bait rolls it would go like this and your hooks would be over here but not the Storm Arashi Top Walker it’s going to stay even with the water and even keel and it’s going to keep those hooks underneath so that’s also gonna increase our hookup percentage.

We’ve also got two sizes we’ve got the Top Water 13 and also the Top Water 11. The key here is that both sizes come with three hooks which is also gonna help increase my hookup percentage. We’ve got the sizes, the colors and everything that you need for each situation. The best way to get the most action out of this bait is to actually tie direct to the line tack. No split ring, no loop knot needed. If you want to go out there fishing and you want to have an absolute blast, then you need to go get yourself a Storm Arashi Top Walker put it in your box and see if you can’t have the time of your life.

Arashi® Top Walker