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Customer Service

Arashi Spinbait (video)

Brandon Palaniuk.

There’s a couple things that make the Arashi® Spinbait unique from all the other ones out there. One of the first things that you notice is these counter-rotating blades, but it’s a three-two design. And what that does is that actually creates a different turbulence in the water. So you’re actually getting almost this little pulsating action from that three-two design of those counter-rotating blades. That’s really important to get those fish that are just tracking or following the bait to actually trigger and react and eat the bait. The next thing is how slow this bait will move. Literally as slow as you can reel the handle. And these blades are going to spin. So as soon as they touch the water they are going to start spinning, which is very important. And the other thing is the body shape and the way that it falls. So when this bait falls it’s going to fall horizontal. And when it does that, it’s going to shimmy on the fall. Right and that, that triggers a lot of strikes. That draws a lot of fish because most of the time I’m going to be fishing this bait in clear water, uh, and around a lot of fresher fish. So having just those subtle differences can be key. Another important thing is the super sharp VMC Black Nickel hooks. You know I’m throwing this on light line, light rod and reels so it’s important to have, you know, a good set of hooks that you will be able to drive into the fish’s mouth but not too light where it’s going to bend out. Oh, those little break lines. With the Arashi Spinbait, check that out. Little bait, showing giant bass right there.

Arashi® Spinbait