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StrikeMaster Chipper Lite Starting Instructions

We are always looking for ways to improve and simplify your fishing experience. The ChipperLite model is no exception. The ChipperLite is equipped with the latest 2 cycle technology from Solo Motors. The Solo 111 allows easy start up to get you fishing faster.

The new Solo 111 engine brings forth many refined technical advances to maximize the operator’s efforts. These vast improvements are aimed to minimize start up time during cold weather operation. Solo has refined the startup procedure and understanding these changes will help the unfamiliar operator avoid frustration during startup.

These improvements include:

  • New and Improved carburetor for better fuel efficiency The carburetor on the new Solo 111 boasts various improvements that will allow more holes per tank. Allowing the operator to spend more time drilling between fill ups.
  • A “No Flood” bypass primer The “No Flood” bypass primer will not flood the engine no matter how many times you prime it. Simply pump the primer until the bulb is 90% full of fuel. (There will always be a small air bubble at the top of the primer)This should require only a few pumps. Once the bulb, any excess fuel is routed back into the fuel tank. This makes flooding the carburetor during priming impossible.
  • Maximum efficiency choke baffle The Maximum efficiency choke baffle reduces the number of pulls need to start up in cold conditions. The coke baffle has a minimal air bypass hole to compensate for cold weather air density. This increases the effectiveness of the choke and reduces the number of pulls during start up. However, you can easily flood the engine if you do not follow the directions. Be sure to reposition the lever the “RUN” position as soon as the engine fires the first time.
  • Automatic decompression system Elimination of the decompression valve increases the cylinder pressure during startup. This will allow more fuel to be drawn into the combustion chamber for faster startup with fewer pulls.
  • Solo’s “Easy-Start” spring assist recoil assembly The Recoil/starter assembly is Solo’s “Easy-Start” continuous engagement recoil system that ensures a “no-slip” grip between the recoil and the fly wheel. This eliminates any dry pulls which will reduce the risk of potentially damaging your equipment and reduce hand and arm fatigue.

Simple start up steps:

  1. Turn kill switch to the “ON” position
  2. Pump the primer bulb until it is full of fuel
  3. Move the choke lever to the “START” position
  4. SLOWLY pull recoil handle out until you feel it engage the flywheel
  5. Pull the recoil with an assertive, short pull
  6. Pull the recoil until the first audible “fire” of the engine is heard(Should be 2-4 pulls)
  7. Quickly move the choke lever to the “RUN” position
  8. If the engine dies, pull over 1-2 more times.

Light pressure on the throttle lever after startup may be needed in extremely cold conditions to raise the engine RPMs to warm up the motor.