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No Dog Whisperer Needed

New sizes and colors of the X-Rap® SubWalk™, X-Rap® Walk and Skitter Walk® have anglers "walking the dog" with ease. Fresh and saltwater anglers agree, the walk-the-dog technique is one of the most effective ways to hook big fish anytime, anywhere. Rapala makes it easy with new sizes and color patterns for three classic, out-of-this-park walk-the-dog-style lures; the X-Rap® SubWalk™, X-Rap® Walk and the Skitter Walk®.

With new sizes and colors, anglers will be walking the dog fancier than a dog handler at the Westminster Dog Show.

X-Rap SubWalk
Walk the dog just below the surface with the new smaller X-Rap SubWalk 07. Touting all the same characteristics of its bigger-sized brothers, the smaller X-Rap SubWalk 07 measures 2 3/4 inches long and weighs 3/8 ounce. Twelve X-Rap finishes, with the addition of Hot Pink and Red Ghost, combined with strike-inducing, slow, sinking-on-the-pause action, will ensure fresh and saltwater anglers feel the power of this new smaller size. Equipped with a front VMC® Black Nickel Belly Hook and a rear VMC SureSet® Flash Feather Teaser Tail, and anglers will be setting the hook every time.

X-Rap Walk
Rapala makes walking the dog easy with the extreme side-to-side action of the X-Rap Walk, now in new sizes, 09 and 11. The X-Rap Walk 09 is 3 1/2 inches long and weighs 9/16 of an ounce, while the X-Rap Walk 11 is 4 3/8 inches long and weighs slightly heavier at 7/8 ounce. Equipped with a premium VMC Black Nickel Belly hook and a rear VMC SureSet Flash Feather Teaser Tail, plus eight new color patterns, it just might make anglers break out in song and dance as they hook into rod-bending, fish-fighting action.

Skitter Walk
A classic saltwater staple, the Skitter Walk 08 is a dreamy walk-the-dog style lure that has been landing big fish for years. At 3 1/8 inches long with a weight of 7/16 of an ounce and premium VMC Black Nickel Hooks, the Skitter Walk’s rhythmic side-to-side action calls the fish in, while the internal rattle makes them bite. Its smaller size, paired with new baitfish-replicating color patterns, allows saltwater anglers to match the hatch and stay in the game longer. Caution: Skitter Walk 08 may cause a permanent smile.