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The MaxRap, Aka The Distance Crusher

Rapala® breaks the long-cast barrier with the new MaxRap™ 13. When the folks at Rapala design a lure, they design it to be an industry benchmark, and with the introduction of the new MaxRap™ 13, another industry standard has just been added to the list.

The MaxRap 13 is a high-performance lure injected with Rapala’s patented internal MaxCast mechanism that lets anglers cast an unbelievable distance and then some.

Designed with a short lip and a slightly arched back, this thin-bodied minnow profile lure cruises just below the surface at one-to-two feet with a seductive rolling action, just like a living, breathing baitfish.

"One thing I like best about this lure is the balance point in the bait, which is about a third of the way back, as opposed to mid-body like other lures," says James Lindner, National Freshwater Hall of Famer. "That in turn creates a lot of flash from the dark back of the lure to the highly-reflective sides and bottom, which is a great trigger characteristic for different species and different applications."

In saltwater, the MaxRap 13 slowly rises when paused, perfect for redfish, sea trout and other coastal species. In freshwater, it virtually suspends in place, ideal for landlocked salmon, lake-run brown trout, smallmouth and largemouth bass, pike and walleye. Casting or trolling, anglers need to hold the rod to the max.

For discriminating anglers who demand the best money can buy, the new MaxRap 13 will outcast anything in their tackle box. Its aerodynamic shape is balanced with tungsten balls that provide maximum casting ability and accuracy. Unlike most heavy baits, they can fish it extremely shallow, whether they’re targeting fish in skinny water or feeding near the surface.

"The MaxRap 13 is particularly good for fishing surf conditions," says Lindner. "There’s no tumble or twirl as the lure sails toward its target, giving me the casting distance needed to reach where big fish swim."

The MaxRap 13 measures at 5 1/4 inches in length and weighs in at a hefty 1/2 ounce, letting anglers cast to the extreme while laughing in the face of wind.

Built tough as nails to capture rogue fish, the MaxRap 13 boasts noncorrosive, number six VMC® Spark Point Treble hooks that will hook and hold the gnarliest of fish. It comes in eight natural baitfish and attractor color patterns that mimic the little fish that big fish eat all around the globe.

And, when fish zone-in for the kill, the MaxRap’s holographic eyes and internal laser-engraved scales display maximum realism to get the job done.

Join the elite group of anglers setting the standard with the new MaxRap 13, it’s Rapala at its finest.