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Introducing The Ultimate Angling System

Shimano® and Rapala® introduce the perfectly matched combination; rod, reel and lure. Never again will anglers have to peruse their local sporting goods store in search of the perfect rod, reel and lure combination. Introducing the Ultimate Angling System™ from SHIMANO® and Rapala®, the perfectly matched combination of rod, reel and lure for fishing redfish, seatrout and snook.

"We’ve created the ultimate rod, reel and lure combination by pairing the revolutionary X-Rap® SubWalk® 9 with SHIMANO’S Scimitar® graphite rod and Symetre® FI reel," said Bernie Schultz of the Rapala pro staff. "Anglers can work the X-Rap Subwalk’s walk-the-dog style action to tantalize and capture redfish, seatrout and snook with unmatched control, comfort and precision."

The pairing of these two-world class brands provides angling enthusiasts with the Ultimate Angling System™ to ensure they’re out on the water longer. And, for those targeting the intense fighting action of redfish, seatrout or snook, it’s the only way to go if they want the fish-catching experience of a lifetime.

Two retrieves not only target shallow water fish but also trigger suspending fish over deep water. For targeting shallow water fish, perform the "tight walk" retrieve by positioning your rod tip down, twitch the tip back quickly with constant winding of the reel, for a quick, choppy track to target subsurface fish.

For targeting suspended fish over deep water, perform the "slow cadence" retrieve. With the rod tip up, use a long sweep, sweep, pause retrieve for a wider track that triggers suspended fish in deep or shallow water.

"By combining the perfect combination of rod, reel and lure the Ultimate Angling System™ creates a smooth, in tune flowing action to trigger bigger fish," said Schultz. "The longer rod, combined with the reel creates the almost perfect cadence for redfish, snook and sea trout."

This triple threat combination is perfect for both fresh and saltwater fishing: the X-Rap SubWalk 9 runs on top to 24 inches below the water and features a slow-sinking pause for a never seen before walk the dog action. With 12 color patterns and a VMC® SureSet feather tail hook, you’ll have fish darting out of the woodwork to get a piece of the action.