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Beauty, Craftsmanship, Perfection

Experience quality like never before with with Rapala’s® three new fillet knives. Anglers know quality and when it comes to the tools of the trade, they expect the best. When you’re ready to clean your daily limit, make sure you’re using a fillet knife that will make a clean, smooth and precise cut, resulting in the perfect fillet.

Rapala introduces three beauties that are sure to make you say "Wow, now that’s a fillet knife" the next time you clean your catch. Introducing the Witch’s Tooth Collector Fillet, Classic Collector Fillet and Rosewood & Eagle Collector Fillet. Each meticulously crafted for the perfect filleting experience time after time.

Witch’s Tooth Collector Fillet
The mesmerizing beauty and renowned craftsmanship surrounding this knife is unmatched, a knife collectors must have. Finnish folklore says that the witch’s tooth locked inside each handle protects the user from harm while mimicking the traditional sound created by the drum that the witches of Lappland (northernmost part of Finland) used to protect the drum’s owner against evil spirits. The handle is crafted of curly birch and reindeer antler and features a stainless steel blade for a smooth clean fillet. Packaged in a Rapala collector tin, you’ll surely enjoy the lore and beauty surrounding this one-of-a-kind fillet knife.

Classic Collector Fillet
Specifically designed for the ultimate angler... if it isn’t on display for everyone to admire. This work of art incorporates a classic Finnish-style handle that is constructed out of reindeer antler and curly birch and features a stainless steel blade with a razor-sharp edge. The Rapala Classic Collector Fillet comes complete with an embossed leather sheath and Rapala collector tin.

Rosewood & Eagle Collector Fillet
As soon as you wrap your hand around this fillet knife you’ll feel the power, precision balance and perfect flexibility of the stainless steel blade. Just like the name, this fillet knife features a rosewood handle majestically topped with an eagle head design that any angling enthusiast will enjoy. The Rosewood & Eagle Collector Fillet comes complete with a leather sheath and a Rapala collector tin.