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How to Use My Cart

"My Cart" is your Shopping Cart on You may add items from any of Rapala's respected brands to one single Cart for quick shopping and easy checkout.

Items you placed in your cart while you are shopping on will remain there until they are purchased, removed or until the expire (after 28 days).

Since product availability is not guaranteed until items are purchased, it is possible for an item to become out of stock while it is in your shopping cart. If an item becomes out of stock while in your cart, an error will occur and you will have to remove it from your shopping cart to continue to checkout.

Options In My Cart

    On desktop or tablet change the quantity of a specific item, enter the preferred quantity in the QTY field next to the item you wish to change and then click the “Update” button beneath the quantity field. On phones the quantity field appears under the price.
    On desktop or tablet remove an item, click the "Remove” button under the QTY column. On phones click the "x" to the right of the product.
    If there are items in your shopping cart that you do not wish to purchase immediately but would like to save for future purchase (or to share with someone). You can add items to your wish list any time by clicking the “add to wish list” button to the right of the item on desktop/tablet and under the product image on phone. Adding an item to your wish list does not remove the item from your cart. You will first need to add the item to your wish list and then remove the item from your cart. you must be logged into add items to your wish list.
  • EDIT ITEM DETAILS (Desktop only)
    To edit item details such as color, size, or length, click the “Edit Item” button.
    Taxes are calculated during checkout and only appear in the shopping cart after populating the shipping address field in checkout.
    Applicable product surcharges will appear in the surcharges total of the shopping cart items.
    Shipping charges are calculated in Checkout Step 1 (on desktop) and Step 2 Billing and Review (phone and tablet).
    Any applicable promotions (except promotions related to shipping) will appear in your shopping cart. Shipping discounts will calculate and appear during checkout.
    If you have a promotion code click/tap “Have A Promo Code?” in your Shopping Cart. Enter the promotion code inside the input box and then click “apply”. You will also have an opportunity to enter a promotion code under the Payment Method section in Step 2 (Billing & Review section) of Checkout.

Our checkout process is fast, easy, and secure. For more information on our secure shopping guarantee, click here.