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    Home Press VMC® Combines Brawn And Beauty With Flashy New Spoons And Rugged Jigs

VMC® Combines Brawn And Beauty With Flashy New Spoons And Rugged Jigs

And Delivers Pure Fish-Pounding Action

This year, revolutionary hook manufacturer VMC® is turning up the pressure on elusive, over-confident hawgs with the introduction of a new set of ever-so-enticing spoons and jigs that promises to drive fish crazy beneath the ice.

“When it comes to pure, unadulterated craftsmanship, VMC is without question the best in the business,” said James Holst, ICE FORCE™ pro angler. “With this introduction, the brand has unleashed a stockpile of bold, attention-grabbing spoons and jigs designed specifically for fish-pounding pleasure. When anglers tie on these dynamic baits, they’d better be ready for action.”

Ready to breathe new life into stale tackle boxes everywhere, VMC’s game-changing new products include four terrific spoons and five fresh jigs for extraordinary success.

VMC Flash Champ Spoon

When landing a lunker requires both standout style and power, the VMC Flash Champ Spoon is the clear choice. Made of tough-as-nails brass, this durable spoon can handle strikes from the strongest jaws in the water and withstand being peppered by a school of panfish. Complete with menacing holographic eyes, its beveled edges and tapered body create an alluring fluttering action that will have fish jumping into the boat or flopping onto the ice. Available in an array of bold color patterns, including new Ultra Glow Pigments, and lengths ranging from 3/4-inch to 1-1/2-inch sizes, the Flash Champ Spoon is a must-have lure for all serious anglers.

VMC Tingler Spoon

Providing an overstated, wide-wobbling action that replicates the movements of a desperate baitfish swimming for its life, the new VMC Tingler Spoon will make anglers’ spines tingle every time they tie it on. With a unique curved body and v-shaped design that create its ultra-effective swimming pattern, this spoon is equipped with a large holographic eye and is available in a variety of holographic attractor and baitfish finishes that no game species can pass up. The Tingler Spoon comes in multiple sizes ranging from 1 inch to 2 inches and weighs between 1/16 ounce and 3/16 ounce. Anglers asked for it, and VMC delivered. Anglers can get ready for epic fishing exploits on hard water.

VMC Tumbler Spoon

Like a champion prizefighter, the VMC Tumbler Spoon delivers a one-two punch that will knock out trophy fish year-round. Designed with a one-of-a-kind “knuckle” bend that creates a languid tumbling action perfect for snagging picky predators, this lure is equipped with a metallic attractor blade that not only enhances its flashy visual presentation, but also calls out to fish through the water as it clicks and clacks against the spoon and hook. Ready to be tied on in an array of holographic Ultra Glow colors, UV finishes, natural baitfish patterns and sporting an intimidating holographic eye, the Tumbler Spoon is offered in 1-inch and 1-1/2-inch lengths and weights of 1/12 ounce and 1/8 ounce. Fish everywhere won’t know what hit ‘em.

VMC Rattle Spoon

Rig up the VMC Rattle Spoon and get ready to rattle off unbelievable fish stories for years to come. Designed with a brass resonance chamber packed with multiple thundering beads, this lure takes lesser rattling spoons to task, showing fishing fanatics what happens when innovation meets legendary craftsmanship. The Rattle Spoon’s shortened chamber allows anglers to create irresistible sound while jigging in both deep and shallow waters, all without compromising action. With a wide variety of UV, natural, holographic and Ultra Glow finishes and lengths and weights to choose from, the Rattle Spoon gives anglers options for every environment. Pack up the gear and head to the lake. This lure is ready to shake, rattle and roll 365 days a year.

VMC Minnow Jig

As versatile as it is effective, the VMC Minnow Jig is bound to pique the interest of monsters lurking beneath the ice or gliding through open water. Anglers can fish this jig by bottom pounding or with a precision-balanced suspended presentation for nonstop bites. A dressed feather tail complete with flash fibers takes the Minnow Jig’s real-to-life action to the next level, while its mean holographic eye challenges hungry fish to strike each time it touches the water. Available in multiple sizes, weights and 11 holographic colors, baitfish patterns and VMC Ultra Glow pigments, this signature jig gives anglers plenty of options to increase their odds of adding a new trophy to their collection.

VMC Tear Drop Jig

There’s no crying in fishing — especially when anglers tie on the new VMC Tear Drop Jig. Ideal for displaying with float, dead stick or tip up techniques, this fine jig is designed with a tantalizing wide profile and teardrop shape that hungry fish will mistake for a delicious fingerling baitfish and other aquatic snacks they seek for everyday meals. Couple the Tear Drop Jig with a great selection of UV, natural, baitfish, holographic and Ultra Glow finishes for a style to fit any scenario. Available in three weights, including 1/16-ounce, 1/8-ounce, 1/4-ounce and three hook sizes, anglers can expect a flurry of bites and strikes when they toss out the Tear Drop Jig.

VMC Pug Bug Jig

The new VMC Pug Bug Jig is a testament to VMC’s creativity. Resembling the aquatic insects and creatures that emerge from the depths to be feasted on by fish of all types, the Pug Bug comes equipped with an exclusive VMC Power Gap Hook, delivering an unmatched hook-rate compared to competing micro jigs. Its body design carries a wider, flatter profile that enriches its sonar echo return, allowing anglers to easily maintain a consistent depth at all times. The Pug Bug Jig’s precision balance is perfected with a 90-degree hook eye to ensure fantastic horizontal positioning and the best possible strike angle. The jig may be purchased in eight colors, including six Ultra Glow pigments that last up to 15 minutes per charge, and comes two pieces per package. Choose from three hook sizes and lightweight options for added versatility in the water.

VMC Larvae Jig

Pre-rigged with an inviting Trigger X® Larvae soft bait, the VMC Larvae Jig is ready for the water the minute it’s torn from the package. Innovative Trigger X material attracts fish of all game species, adding a complete balance of texture and taste to ensure that when fish latch on to this jig, they’ll never want to let go. The Larvae Jig features a durable VMC Power Gap hook, a 90-degree hook eye for horizontal positioning and comes two pieces per package in a selection of tempting natural and Ultra-Glow colors.

VMC Wax Tail Jig

Sure to be an industry hit, the VMC Wax Tail Jig comes prepped for action with a savory Trigger X® Wax Tail soft bait already positioned on the hook. Not only does this jig eliminate the need for expensive live bait, but it also boasts terrific presentation. Set to go with a 90-degree hook eye for a desirable horizontal display and sturdy VMC Power Gap Hook, the Wax Tail Jig will erase anglers’ memories of days wasted on inferior rigs. This sure-fire choice is available in a diverse range of colors, Ultra Glow pigments and three lightweight sizes.