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Customer Service

Flat Jig

Hey I’m Tony Roach. It’s no secret that the Jigging Rap has made me a better walleye angler all season long. Now in addition to the Jigging Rap, the new Flat Jig. This things got a shorter profile and a wider body. Making it a little more stout than the current. It fishes heavier. This thing offers a wider sweeping action and of course because it’s got a heavier stout body you can fish this thing more vertically especially in current. It’s got the fast jigging action that you love in a jigging rap. Guaranteed to drive fish wild. You know, the Flat Jig is ideal in a lot of situations. You know there’s almost no wrong way to fish this bait. You can troll these baits at like a mile an hour and just kind of walk-the-dog. You can vertically jig these baits. You can cast them along reefs, edges, ah, work current seams. They are great in a lot of situations in which the walleyes aren’t biting unless you got a Flat Jig on there. This bait comes in ten different colors, two different sizes. You better make room next to your Jigging Rap because this baits going to be one of those baits that you’re gonna rely upon all season long.

Rapala Flat Jig