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Live Series Soft Lures

Life-like replicas of classic saltwater baits, the Live Series blend an innovative mix of soft plastic, flash foils and top-of-the-line rigging materials. All are pre-rigged assuring a proper presentation from both novice and pro alike.

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Williamson’s Live Series Soft Lures don’t just look like the real thing, they swim like it too. The Mackerel, Squid, Ribbonfish and Ballyhoo so perfectly imitate the swimming action of their living, breathing cousins you’ll never want to use live bait again. Each Live Series lure features Williamson’s patented Hook Lock System to ensure the perfect hook presentation and maximum strike efficiency. The Live Mackerel and Live Squid offer multiple rigging ports for easy and varied rigging. The Live Ballyhoo has two nose rigging options, and is available Pro-Rigged or J-Rigged. Both Ballyhoo Combos feature a Sailfish Catcher to add extra commotion to your spread.