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Light Trolling Lures

The “catcher” series of light trolling lures features species-specific, pre-rigged lures. Each is built to be rigged the way you fish ’em. Rear ballyhoo rigging spring cavities allow you to get your bait in close to the head and skirt for best action and protection for the bait at higher speeds. Jets on the Wahoo Catcher Rigged trigger ferocious strikes.

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Williamson’s “catcher” series of light trolling lures includes Tuna, Sailfish, Dorado, Wahoo and the Big Game Catcher. Both Tuna Catcher lures feature an acrylic bullet head and come prerigged with Sufix mono. The Tuna Catcher Flash adds tinsel and glow Flashabou to the mix for extra attraction. The Wahoo Catcher is prerigged with nylon coated wire. A jet head creates incredible skirt flare and commotion. The soft versions of the Sailfish Catcher and Dorado Catcher use a soft head that reduces feel when mouthed by a fish. Holographic 3D eye and holographic glitter amp up the attraction factor. The Big Game Catcher is a heavy-duty 8” jig with an erratic action that draws massive strikes. An excellent all-around lure for billfish and big gamefish worldwide.