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Popper Pro

Pick pelagic predators off the surface with Williamson’s Popper Pro. A classic popping action mimics a struggling baitfish, and a versatile design lets you fish the Popper Pro with several different retrieve styles. All that variety gives you plenty of chances to fool a fish into a crushing strike on the Popper Pro.

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Starting at $16.49

The Popper Pro is weighted for long casts, with an in-line hook design for the best swimming action, point exposure and hook set. Heavy-duty VMC hooks seal the deal and rugged stainless steel through wire construction ensures the lure can take a beating. The Popper Pro is available in 2 sizes: 5.125” and 7”. Seven natural and bright color patterns give anglers plenty of options to match the conditions. Color patterns include: Ayu, Blue Sardine, Bruised Purple, Dorado, Green Mackerel, Black Purple Phantom, and Red Head Flash.