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Rig Kits

It’s an age-old battle: does the Texas or Carolina rig catch more bass? The truth is, it’s a trick question because an angler really needs both, depending on the situation. Get everything you need for a Texas Rig, Carolina Rig and Slip Float Rig with VMC’s rig kits.

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VMC’s Texas Rig Kit includes everything you need for Texas riggin in heavy cover. The 30 piece kit features super sharp Vanadium steel hooks in black nickel and tin red, plus 1/8, 1 / 4 and 1 / 2 oz. matte black bullet sinkers. The Carolina Rig Kit is a 32 piece kit with Vanadium steel hooks, faceted red beads, barrel swivels and egg sinkers. Everything you need to get your line down, cover a lot of water and stir up some hungry bass. The Slip Float Rigging Kit features FastGrip hooks with 15% more penetrating power than ordinary hooks, red and white slip floats, lead split shot, bobber stops, and red knot beads.